I think it's all over :(

cori i agree with the others, its definately not over :hug:
no way it is over hun, this is now the beginning you now know why it has been a struggle to ttc and you need to talk to the experts who can give you advice on the best ways to concieve whether this be by boosting your OHs sperm count or whether its going down other avenues. do not give up we'll be celebrating your BFP soon hun i assure you xx
i dont really have any advice but just wanted to send some super big hugs :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
Thank you so much everyone, you are so lovely :hug:

I never thought I would be have to deal with this. Well you don't think that, do you. I feel like I'm running out of time as it is, without this happening. But that's the way it goes, I guess.

They didn't say much at the doctors, just that he had a low sperm count. I didn't go with him for the results (I was at work). I suppose they will tell us more at the urologist? Does anyone know exactly what the urologist will do? I take it they will do another semen analyis for a start? And that's why the appointment is 6 weeks after his last one, as that's about how long it takes to produce new sperm?

If he had zero sperm count, would they have said he was infertile, rather than had a low sperm count?

I won't be posting in here everyday like usual untill we see the urologist, but I'll keep popping in to see how you're all doing. Good luck to you all! I want to see alot of BFPs this month! :hug:
Hi Hun Its not over you think it is because you have heard he has a low sperm count
first thing you think of is i am never gonna get pregnant.
My husband has a low sperm count it went from being high to low in the matter of 18 mths
The hospital said there are fast swimmers and not so good swimmers and dead sperm
I was told i would need icsi where they inject the sperm in to the egg and when waiting for
our first icsi to start i got pg with twins and only bedded 2 times that month.
I thought i would never get pg and i did with twins sadley i lost the twins at 2mths
but i know i can still get pg so i am still ttc now and like the girls said you only need 1 sperm
My husband was given tamoxifen by the fertility doctor which makes new sperm so ask for thesa
and also give your dh some zinc tablets and vitamin c thesa are suppose to be the best for sperm
and its helped my dh's sperm brilliant as since taking thesa his last test in december he said
15 million per mil, good sperm and so much that was crap but 15million per mil was a big
difference to what it was months before. and its with the help of zinc and vitamin c :wink:
So its not over dont you worry about that :wink: :hug:

Oh and if he had zero sperm they would say he was infertile .. low sperm count means that he has good sperm
and bad sperm just means that not all is good :wink:
Thanks for that, Waiting4amiracle :hug:

I said I wouldn't do this again, but I just got a reading from Brooke. I asked 2 questions - 'When will I get pregnant and will it be with my OH (I gave his name).

She said she hoped she was off on the timing, but she was getting a timeframe of August-October this year. Well, that would be after his sperm count has had a chance to improve (I didn't mention anything about that). Plus last year, Cheri told me September, so maybe Cheri meant September this year. However, she said it would be a girl and Cheri said a boy. Maybe it will be boy girl twins! But I'm not bothered what sex it is anyway.

Also, she said I will get pregnant with my OH.
I'm glad you're feeling more positive now, and it's good to know where the problem lies so it can be addressed. I hope you get better news at the urologist x
Hi hun.. we have tried for nearly two years to get pregnant (i fell with my first with my ex after 2 months) after a year and a half we went to a fertility clinic and they did a SA and said OH had a low sperm count. They said it would be extremely unlikely for us to conceive naturally. OH has 15% of medium strength (normal) sperm and a count of 6 million i think. I guess this is why i havent fell pregnant! We are now repeating the tests at another clinic and will soon find the results of the second test but it looks like we will have to have ICSI (we will find out on the 12th March)

What were your OH's results like? Basically at our new fertility clinic they said that they never say "its impossible for you to conceive with a low sperm count" only because if it does happen it will look unprofessional for them! (great just what i wanted to hear) Your husbands count may be better than OH's though so dont give up.

BTW - i wouldnt take an awful lot of notice of these people who think they can predict your future i had two done on here one said i would be pregnant by last October and one said I would be pregnant by last September and if not DEFINATELY by my birthday (28th December) Unless im very much mistaken that AF thing and the neg preg tests sort of confirm they are both wrong!

I wish you all the luck if you want you can PM me with the results and im help you out with them... they may not be as bad as you think :hug:
Thanks alot sammy :hug:

They didn't really say much about the results, only try not to worry and that his sperm count was just a few million under 20 million and that they wanted to get it above 20 million. They said the urologist will explain things in more detail.

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