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Jul 27, 2005
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i am 18 years old but EVERYONE says i look more like 14 :twisted: :twisted: i have a baby face, the thing is it doesnt normally bother me that much but for B's christening i wanna look gorgous, does neone have ideas to get me looking 19/20 instead of 14?
Hun, you will know everyone at his Christening, and I'm sure whatever you wear they will think you look lovely. What age you act is more important than how old you look hun.
yeah i know but if i have garrys mum (COW) cummin up to me and saying u cld have made yaself look older which she will do as she does evrything to upset me humanly possible i think i will coommit a murder on B christening day lol
I got ID'd to buy a bottle of wine at Asda when I was 26 - I paid the shopping bill with a credit card, had car keys with me, and 3 kids - silly woman still wouldn't serve me :evil: . I still send Stuart to the bar in pubs - even for soft drinks - I look older now, but I still have a morbid fear of getting ID'd.

Everybody tells you 'it must be wonderful to look so young', or 'at least you won't look your age when you're 40' - they can go jump.

Try a sophisticated hair do and a suit - it'll make you look older, but if his mum is that way out, she'll still try it on. And if you're trying a new look, you might feel less confident to handle her, on the other hand, you might feel more confident and shut her up forever :wink: .
tell the old crow to get to! She is probably jealous. I wish I looked 14......
Seriously, try wearing your hair down and as for make up, wear subtle colours. When I was young ( :cry: ) i use to overdo it with make up to make me look older and it didnt work.
Sarah, I met my husband at a writers' group when I was 28. He thought I was 14 and was afraid to talk to me!

While I don't look that young now at 32, I'm still a baby face. Makeup can do a lot, but I'm beginning to be at the age where I want to look younger instead of older!

Be happy with your baby face, it will stand to you!


Im sure you will look fine no matter what and everyone says i dont look my age niether.
Hope you find a look and take pics i wanna see lol oh and i agree wear your hair down.

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