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i look pregnant! :(


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Oct 13, 2006
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i'v been losing weight since i gave birth (good ol' BFing! lol), at first quickly now slowly. (i was 41kg pre-preg, 73kg full-term and 51kg now)

im size 8 all over except my waist which is 12/14 i think :(

a few months after i had milliepops i measured 36-28-36, now im measuring 34-29-34. everything else is smaller but my belly's bigger! :shock:

i kno what u might be thinking lol but i went on the mini-pill in november and they did a routine pg test it was a BFN :lol:

so why is my waist growing when the rest of me is shrinking? :think: has this happened to anyone else? what was causing it? this sucks!
it sounds perfect to me, 1 inch difference isn't much really, it's just what happens when we have kids. You should let go, it doesn't matter :)
I'd kill to have a 29in waist :rotfl:

Mines 36in and I'm not even PG yet :(
i kno its not massive (tho its bigger than its ever been while not preg) but its so out of proportion! my arms and legs are really skinny as well and i'v lost my DD boobs that im sporting on my avatar, im back to B cups and iv got boyish hips. i hav no lovely womanly curves, the only curves i got is my big pot-belly :( (i hav a bit of a ghetto-booty too LOL)
i just dont look attractive :(

:hug: hun its normal to fell that way i notice when i do my measurments its always a 1/2 to 1 inch difference every month .
I think you look great ide be willing to trade you any day my waist is still 401/2 inch :? I honestly think its hard to look how YOU want yourself to look.
Katrina :hug:
do you drink plenty of water? also do you eat a lot of bread and potatoes?
Babylicious said:
do you drink plenty of water? also do you eat a lot of bread and potatoes?
no i dont eat bread OR potatoes. but i do drink lotsa water and also lotsa cups of tea and lotsa fizzy cola. i kno fizzy drinks can cause bloating but iv always drunk them, but this big bellys only happed now :think:
It might be that your tummy muscles arent as tight as they were. What about a good abdominal workout on them, something like a bums and tums class. My tummy is like a burst couch, i will post a pic and then you will feel 10 times better about yours.

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