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Discussion in 'Combination Feeding' started by Maaaaaac, Nov 19, 2016.

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    Just want to sound this out see what you think.

    My lb is 5 weeks and is exclusively breastfed. I was wanting to start combi feeding with aim of possibly full formula from 6 months. I aim to express (just haven't managed to get a full bottle just an extra wee oz which is pointless cause he ends up back on me anyway) and to have a bit of a supply but i go back to work when he is 6 months and pumping wont be feasible so I need to be able to use formula if he isnt weaned on solids.

    I dont really know where to start basically, how do you work out the amount of formula needed in a feed if youre breastfeeding? Is there a better time to give formula than others? I thought that if he had some formula around midday/early afternoon, I could pump that feed so still maintaining my supply. It would free me up a bit so i can get hubby/grandparents to help with feed and he'll last a bit longer before needing fed again (which currently would be a godsend) then I also would have an expressed bottle which is easier to manage at night so my Oh could help out and let me get sleep. Also i can start building a supply. If i start when he is two months, it gives us a good amount of time for trial and error finding the right formula and some time to help wean him away from my breast so he can cope when im working (its 12 hour shifts both day and night). Also past the six week mark for breastfeeding so my supply will be established.

    I mentioned combi feeding to my health visitor the one time ive spoke to her and i might as well have told her im feeding him raw meat with the horror on her face. So i don't think ill be going go her for advice! I just like to be prepared in advance and id hate the thought of being back at work and hes still on milk and i dont have enough breastmilk stored and then he doesn't take to the formula and it would all just be a nightmare. At least this way ive 4 months to work out the kinks.
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    Hi my baby is 5.5m and has had one bottle of formula since birth. I give it at 10ish then I feed her to sleep i give maybe 6oz but she takes different amounts. Its important to feed In the night to maintain supply. Id give.ine around lunch time for a few days then add another and keep going. Maybe give 4oz and see how much she has and if she wants more give more and if she dont have that much then it doesn't really matter x

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