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How much...


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Jun 16, 2007
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would it be for a course of driving lessons,a test, car insurance...and whatever else you need to get on the road?
I don't have a clue to be honest! And I'm starting lessons as soon as I hit 17 ( you can't get them any younger,right?) and I am painfully ignorant about the whole process, how many lessons you need,etc.. anyone want to help?

This also has a dual purpose as it's about time my boyfriend got his ass in gear (literally) and started learning to drive
When i first started taking mine, i asked the instructor how many lessons ill need and she said on average most people need 40 hours worth of lessons
Here the lessons cost £23.50 for an hour, im not sure how much anything else is tho as i havnt got that far yet lol
how many lessons depends purely on the person, sometimes need 2 or 3 to pass a test, some need 30-40... prices range from about £15-25/hour, unless its something like a week intensive course

test wise youll need to sit theory test and practical test, practical is £40 i think, cant remember theory - can check DSA website for prices anyways, have to pay for ur license also, if you dont have it already

insurance, again, aint cheap if you're young and just passed unfortunately :(
It varies quite a lot with different driving schools and where you live i paid about £13 an hour ( this was a few years ago now) and its impossible to say how many lessons you will need as it depends if it comes naturally to you. Some driving schools will pay for your test (included in the price of lessons) and some wont you need to have a theroy test too which is about £15 again (i think) it was a while ago when i learnt to drive. You can get courses where you learn to drive in a week or so but im not sure how much they cost.

Once you have passed and you want a car you have to pay car tax, insurance (which costs a fortune when your young and starting out), you have MOT's every year plus whatever you want to spend on the car itself.

Its an expensive thing to take on but i love being able to drive and its worth it in the end. Whatever yo do if you start learning then keep it up as it costs more in the long run by stopping and starting.
I got a deal with my instructor where my first 6 hours cost £15 and the others are £20. Per hour of course. That's pretty standard round here. I started doing 2 hours a week when Ryan was 6 weeks old and my instructor reckons I'll be ready to take my practical in March. So that's what... well I don't know but quite a lot. I did my theory last week and it cost £28.50 I think. The practical costs £55 I think plus the time of your driving instructors car, so again another £20 per hour.

All in all quite expensive but you only do it once hey.

edit- so far its cost us £450 :|
sorry iv no idea, my parents paid for all of mine- im spoiled lol
I think mine cost around £20 4/5 years ago and it took me around 45 lessons to pass (but quite a few of those were due to the fact I had to wait so long for a test and didn't want to get rusty). However I had no practice other than my lessons - a friend of mine passed first time with only 17 lessons and practice in his parents car.

Insurance and tax is quite pricey but even if you can't afford these straightaway I think its better to learn while you're young as it's far easier they say (just look at maureen on driving school). :D
on a brighter note though, you don't really notice the cost when learning once a week, if u r really strapped for cash u could do one a fortnight. Also what helped me the most was going for drives with my OH to get extra practice in - as long as the person u r with is 21 yrs old and has had their licence for 3(?) years (you might want to double check that) then u can get plenty of hours in without paying hefty prices - so if u could find someone to sit with you once you have got the hang of the controls it would end up being loads cheaper
Yeah as HA said, go every couple of weeks but practice everything they tell you in between - hang on, you need a car for that :wall: duh PP..

Take it one step at a time, do the theory first. Buy the CD practice questions and hazard awareness, learn those then buy the test for about £25? You have 2 years from that to pass your test.
insurance is like £800 for a small car once you've passed, and tests are just over £50 for pratical and £25 ish for theory
I'd suggest phoning a few local driving schools in your area and asking them their prices etc. They do vary from place to place so you'll only really find out by asking around them.

TBH its not cheap and as someone else said the cost of insuring a car once you've passed your test is high also. Then there are running costs, fuel, maintainence.... I'd maybe see if you can start saving some pennies to afford the driving lessons in the not too distant future.

When I learnt to drive at 17 I had 10 lessons at £10 a time and passed first time. Test cost something like £20. Car cost me £500 and insurance was less than £200. That was 20 years ago and times have changed a lot :roll:

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