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How embarrasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Nov 25, 2007
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Has anyone else had this happen to them???
Nearly every time i sneeze i let out a bit of wee this afternoon i sneezed quite forcefully and well you can guess the rest :oops: :oops: :oops: OH its shameful but i supose its normal both my mum and sis said it happened to them. Well my sis Melanie was laughing down the phone as i relayed me tale of wee. :rotfl: :rotfl: As my bubba is in breach postion and still quite low down i am also naturally slim but short as a midgit so the little one is already pressing down on me. little monkey!!!! when i go to the toilet i dont need to let go, it comes out in a great big whoosh the baby seems to be forcing everything lower then it out of me. I already have quite a bump and my belly button is shrinking by the hour. I love my bump im so proud to be a mummy to be!!!! It also seems to be a bungy jumping gymnastic. It bounces around all day only stopping when i get home from work. Its amazing i can feel so much already im only 16 and half weeks. I cant wait to feel the first proper kick!!!
Why aye lass!!! :cheer: That does sound embarrassing, but entirely normal!! It is lovely you can feel your little one already, it is very reassuring isn't it?
Glad you are enjoying your pregnancy, even if it does make you wee inappropriately :rotfl:
Oh dear i know what you mean about when you do go to the toilet i have the same problem feels like a waterfall :rotfl: and sometimes i can only empty half of my bladder at one sitting. :rotfl:
I leak a bit when I cough, I recall it getting a lot worse in the few days following birth (I laughed so hard I wet myself all over my mums living room floor! :oops: ), but will go back to normal once your bodies recovered.
Yep, I'm the same - everytime I laugh or sneeze (especially sneeze) a little bit of wee comes out :oops:
I was sick just now and wet myself at the same time :(
I want my bladder control back! :wall:

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