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How best to clear sick up?


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Apr 14, 2005
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Isabella has been sick on our lounge carpet and although Ive soaked up all the fluid & lumps :shock: I cant get rid of the smell - please help
eeeew poor you :hug: I hate sick :puke:

Id be careful what you use as you'd be surprised what takes the colour out of carpets, but shake and vac is pretty good, or failing that sprinkle salt on it and leave over night as that should absorb all the moisture and odour.
Non bio washing powder, with water, and a scrubbing brush.
white wizard from Lakeland Plastics, apparantly it gets up everything, namely Thomas sick from a cream carpet!
sprinkle bicarb soda on it and that will absorb the smell. then leave it for an hour or so and hoover it up.

should work a treat. is there any stain left?
Thank girls.

It really reeks in here, I absorbed all the sick up with kitchen roll and scraped the lumps up, then scrubbed liked a loony with baby wipes but it still really smells. There is no stain - phew!!

I will give the non bio a go as I dont have any bicarbonate of soda.
We had the same problem last week after Brody was sick. I did the non-bio thing, and it's really gone now...plenty of powder though, dissolved in warm water.

Good Luck
Done the non bio thing, not quite sure whether I put enough powder in? I dissolved two tablets in about 2 pints of hot water.

I popped to the shops and bought some bic of soda so going to put that done aswell!!! All on my new carpets :(
I think the bic of soda has done the trick. I just had a friend round and asked her if she could smell sick and she said no. :cheer: :cheer:

Thanks girls, I glad that it has worked, Ive bought 3 pots of the bic of soda !!!!
oh good, glad it worked. i use it all the time, cheapest cleaning thing ever haha

need any other cleaning tips?? i love cleaning
wipe a tiny bit of fabric softner on your tv screan, it stop dust sticking to it :rotfl:
Oh thats a good one plus it will make it smell nice :D
lol if u got a plasma or some thing dont let your OH see u doing it hahaha mine would go mad if he knew

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