Horrible dream!!!!


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Apr 25, 2005
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I had the worst dream so far since pregnancy!!! Thought i would share it not to make it happen!!!!

I dreamt I took the baby out for a walk in his pram and was talking with someone. It was in the winter, December. I must have talked for quite a while and when i turned round to look at my boy, he was all frozen, but really frozen: his little body was all hard and cold. I felt so bad and screamed. This woke me up at 4 and could not sleep after that.

I hope this is not a sign telling me i am going to be a bad mum because I have never dealt with a baby in my life, even holding a baby is scary for me. Lately I have asked myself how to dress a baby up, how do we know if he is under or over dressed!!!

Anybodyelse having horrible dreams about their baby?
Hi hon

I dreamt when i was pregnant with my second, that my first boy drowned in a swimming pool and i can still remember it clearly. I woke up sobbing. my hubby thought that something had happened to me. But i am still worried when Kieran goes swimming, four years later.

i dont think it means anything really, but you must be doubting how good youre going to be.

i was like you when i was pregnant for the first time. i had never changed a nappy, fed a baby or dressed a baby, but i found that it just all came to me, and i am sure that will happen for you.

dont worry you will be a great first time mum


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