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Jun 22, 2007
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I slept!! At last! After 3 nights of no sleep, I finally got some last night. I feel so pleased and quite relaxed even though I am still tired.

I watched TV til around 11pm, then Matt made me a hot milk which was very nice and then he did the usual Bio-Oil rubbing on my belly and we went to sleep.

I had noticed that 2 of my pillows were the wrong way round (I'm so particular about pillows LOL) and had swapped them back last night so don't know if that also made a difference.

Either way, I don't care. I've had some sleep! Woohoo!

Oh, I had the most awful trapped wind last night too, to the point where I wanted to cry!! Peppermint tea, a back rub and some Rennie Deflatine sorted me out eventually.. after about 3 hours of me moaning and groaning LOL. Matt must be sick of me!! :oops:

Good!! I wrote on your other thread to see how u'd got on!!

Looks like lovely Matt will have to carry on making the hot milk for you eh!!

PLEASE let me borrow Matt for a night :( Promise I'll return him :)

I'm still not sleeping and DH couldn't care less - he's asleep the second his head hits the pillow and just leaves me be while I'm tossing and turning, getting up to go to the loo etc :roll:
For weeks now I've been asking for maybe a backrub or something just before bed to relax me, but he's always too f***ing tired...

Aaaaaand breathe!

Glad you got some sleep hun :hug:

OOO just noticed you're in P'Boro (yes, I'm slow!)
My parents live not far from there - Tallington.
I'll drop in on you next time I'm forced to visit them :lol:
Ooh! Tallington isn't far at all. About 10/15 mins in the car from us! :D

:twisted: thinks up cunning plan to invade the Mecham house and steal Matt.... :twisted:

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