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Aug 11, 2008
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Hi :wave:

i have been taking a look on the net and i have seen this maternity pillows that support the back and the bump.
have you got one? is it necessary?

i used to sleep on my tummy, but since i got pregnant i started to sleep on my side, what i am not used to yet and not very comfy. i have read that we should sleep on our left as that way the oxygen flow will be better for the baby. any of you following this?

i'm thinking on buying one of this pillows to at least start to have some comfortable sleep but they are so expensive!!! do you think it is worth?
I got a 6ft body pillow from e bay in my last pregnancy (affectionately named sausage) it made a huge difference when getting comfy and I cant sleep without it now, though he is a bit worse for wear so I think I need a new one !!
im having 2 get one as laying on my side is uncomfy and my bump is so heavy. Having 2 use a night gown to support under my bump x
I found my body pillow a real gem and defo one of the best pregnancy buys for me. Was soooo comfy. Had to sit on it for a few days when on the sofa to squash it a bit to fit me better but once done that, bliss.

Supports under bump when on your side and then goes between your legs to keep them in position.

Next pregnancy I am so getting a new one to use as soon as possible.
i got the feeding round one from a friend and can say its really really useful + great.

def reccommend you getting one :dance:
I managed to get a body pillow from Lidl for 11.99....maybe try there? not sure how long their deals last for but its worth a shot!

Mine's been a god send in getting comfy at night, however I do end up booting it out the bed at some point in the night! :lol:
I just use 2 normal pillows - one each side.......they work very well for me as I turn over constantly during the night.
I use one of those wedge pillows which is great but those big sausage ones look soooo comfy!
my OH has justed treated me to a 5ft one off ebay :cheer: not quite sure how he'll fit into the bed aswell but maybe i'll start having some decent :sleep: again!! still finding it hard not lying on my tummy :x

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