Why am I awake?!


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Nov 26, 2009
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I am on annual leave this week and for the last 2 days got up at 9.30am ahh heaven! Yesterday I didnt even stir when OH got up for work. And Ive slept so deeply for me its wierd.

Last night I had a crap typical nights sleep drifitng between wake and sleep for hours having vague dreams. Then I woke up at half 5. Wide awake. I had to really think about it and thought hmm maybe I need the loo. Went, back to bed and could not sleep. Hmmm maybe I need some water. went back to bed and couldnt sleep. I gave up at just gone 6 and came downstairs.

THe wierd thing is i stayed up later than usual last night to watch that moving to mars programme which made me cry!!

Maybe Ive had ENOUGH sleep :shock: this has never happened!!
Or maybe it's junior playing havoc with your system already? Sleep is my face past time. Not happy to be awake alreaady xx
wish i fet lik that - seem to sleep for britan these days, was tired when i got up this morning and hubby ordered be back to bed b 11 and i've just got up now! this is alomost daily and i'm getting a bit fed up with feeling so tired and not getting anything done!!

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