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Homemade/ jarfoods?


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Aug 26, 2006
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just thought i would do a poll of what people feed there babies??? i use homemade food
I give my boy jars as we dont eat healthily enough to give him our food.
i give willow jar food but sometimes i will give her scrambled eggs with beans or pasta with a sauce and cheese, im not a very good cook and we dont eat healthy enough.
Nathan only had home made food till he was 9 months. Now he has both, usually a jar for dinner and home made for tea. He does prefer home-made though but I'm not a very adventureous cook and I wanted him to have a bit more variety.
Brody has a bit of both too! He usually has a jar for dinner and then has his tea with us. He has some homemade meals in the freezer if we are having something he can't have!
there isnt a "both" answer, i think i use about 60/40 or 70/30 jars/home-made, so ill vote jars
homemade, never had anythin out of a jar

its not cos i think theyre bad, it just never crossed my mind lol :think: :lol:
I give Evan Homemade and jars. boots do these really good organic varieties which include gluten and egg free ingredients. I tend to give him the jars when we are out and about as i freeze his homemade food in batches.
I did start Dan on hipps as to develop his tastes. Now he eats anything I make all his food. For one thing its cheaper! :wink: but also as I'm on slimming world I eat lots of fish, fresh fruit and veg so I know he's getting a healthy varied diet.
I do buy jars for when we go out though as its easier to take with you and I buy those carrot crunchy stick things as he loves them!!
Grace has only ever had homemade - I find it so easy - especially as she is older now and can eat whatever we eat...........
Dylan has both hr also mostly has packet porridge for breakfast

his favorite is petit felous and bread with dairylea he would live on that alone given a choice
Both. Probably 80/20%

I couldn't have fed him exclusively on jars. I wouldn't eat exclusively out of jars, and I tried to bring him up to eat as part of the family table asap.

I always viewed them as convenience food. Completely safe and can be nutritious, so Stanley ate them when it was convenient. If we were out, if I was too tired to cook tea...................just like we eat convenience food really.

From the age of 6 months he refused anything sloppy anyway :roll:

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