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home/water births


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May 23, 2007
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ok.. so i cant remember if i asked this before.. lol. and i cba to search all my 2348345734985734057345 posts to find it.. so ehre goes..

a check list for home water birth.

*pool..we have about 10 beach towels and 1 bath sheet in the house so i think we have enough..
*hose and connector (ordered)
*mirror to watch it crown if i want to

what else do i need? and what does the midwife bring with her???
Taupaulin (sp) to protect the carpet. We got ours from B&Q for a couple of quid.
Torch, (midwife usually has one) in case you want the room candle lit.

smoothies and ice ( i found this a great way of keeping my energy up)

A cake for after the birth...(tea and cake is so lovely with baby suckling

ARNICA take before , during and after labour get 200c if you can
(pm me if you want more remedies great for birth)

Beanbags....(you may end up delivering on them, as some women get out of pool to deliver as instinct tells them too) great for burying yourself into on all fours, i swear by them.

essential oils ??? lavender ??

All i can think of for the mo xxxxxxx

oh and wrap a towel in a hot water bottle for the baby during the last few hours of labour, so its all cosy after.....especiallly good for babies born in winter.
lol thanks for that.. midwife was off bout putting towels in the oven on low for the last few mins lol..

just hoping it all goes to plan. and that i can manage to birth at home, im gonna get a single duvet and depends where we put the pool might use my blow up single air bed and cover it with a waterproof sheet and duvet on top.. save getting bed messy...
a thermometer to check the water temp.

my MW brought a special monitor to hear babys heartbeat beneath the water. but i warn u its scarey when ur in labour and she puts this thing in it makes a horrible noise when it goes in and comes out!
oh yeah u might need a sieve- ill leave that 2 ur imagination... :rotfl:
:shock: ewww.. maybe I shouldn't know about these things yet lol
lisa&alex said:
save getting bed messy...
because i planned to give birth in the pool, i hadnt got any plastic sheets or anything for the bed coz i didnt think id need them, but as it happened i ended up giving birth on the bed unprepared! the MWs put a couple of those thin disposable mats down and they caught most of the gore! the bed escaped (almost) unscathed, there was just a tiny 10p sized blood stain. it wasnt anywhere near as messy as i expected it to be
does the sieve need to be big? lol... i have seen small ones at wilkinsons but never seen a collender (sp) sized one,

i have a thermometre forgot i had that..

in wilkinsons they have plastic clear sheet things for decorating.. im gonna pick 3 up i think.. they are pretty big.. and a waterproof materss protector.. i will put the plastic sheet down over the made up bed, then the protector. and have the spare duvet (that i will throw away) free so if i need ip upstairs or downstairs it can just be carried down
Apparently it nly needs to be a medium sized one :wink: just asked my friend who has had 4 water births :D

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