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    hello, I am researching for a school project and I would really love if I could have some real like is I could have some real cases that I could quote in it. (also let me now if I am able to your your name and if not then no worries please still help me out - I wont use your name unless I have had permission )
    here is a few ideas for questions that may help me and you can add any of your own too !!

    1) do you feel like social media has had any impact on your experience
    during your pregnancy?

    2) (if you previously have had children) how has this experience been different from your previous pregnancy?

    3) how have story's about other peoples pregnancy impacted your expectations of pregnancy and was it different? if so how ?

    4) have you looked into any old wives tales and if so how have the made you feel (eg excited by guessing the gender ect ) and have they been helpful (eg how to prevent morning sickness)

    5) have your birthing plans change and has it had an impact on your pregnancy (eg feeling less confident as maybe there has been a problem?)
    if they have not changed do you think that it will impact how you reflect back on your pregnancy

    6) are you pregnant during covid? if so how has this impacted you

    7) if there are any teenage mothers too that could help me by saying if they think they were treated any differently from an older mother and how this made you feel ?

    thank you I really do appreciate it !!!
    (let me know if you are okay with me quoting you and using your name if you do not give me permission I wont use it but it will still be helpful for me to write my assignment)

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