having a crappy week!!!!


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May 28, 2005
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Hi all. Feeling awful. DH being real insensitive right now. Had my midwife's appointment yesterday & as usual, DH had a 'meeting' at exactly same time, so had to go alone..... & then wait for a bus for 30 min while having continuos BHCs. Back home in India, my mum-in-law had a cataract op yesterday, & me basically being an eye surgeon, had to phone up to see that all went well & had to give her postop advice over the phone. DH was ofcourse interested to know how her op went, but did not once ask me how my appointment went. The mid-wife did end up kinda scaring me a little as she said the frequent BHCs not a prob as long as they go & as long as u're not having any pain down under. Sure enough last night as I lay in bed, I felt this weird ache down under like someone was trying to fit in a wide bore bottle up my vagina!!!!!!!

Well, thats what u get 4 sacrificing ur career 4 a husband - alone in an alien country, friends & relatives far away across the seas no one to talk to when u need it......
So to sum it up I feel miserable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
Hi Hope

Sorry you're having a crappy time - that is rough.

Have you tried getting your husband to make the next midwife appointment so it's on a date he can definitely make?

I can sympathise being in a strange place - we recently moved and I don't know anyone who lives near me, though my family are at least in the same country.

Anyway just wanted to send a *hug* your way.

Aww you poor thing I hope by the time you read this, things will have improved.
I too am away from all my family and friends and it is really hard, especially now with the actual birth ever looming i am getting quite anxious.
My DH works very long hours too and for some reason (they do things differently here in scotland) he is not allowed to come to the antenatal classes. So I end up looking like desperate mad person smiling at everybody in the hope that someone will talk to me and become my friend!! :oops:
I reckon once baby is here it will be easier, I am gonna try and make myself go to some mother and baby classes which i think is a good way of making friends.
You've always got us anyway! Does DH know how down you are? Show him this post. Maybe he doesn't realise he is upsetting you?
Hope all soon sorts itself out. Good luck xx
thanks 4 the hug li'l bump. I feel I need it so much. there's no point even asking him to come to my appointmnets... When I asked him to come to my 20 week scan...he acted like he was being harassed & asked me if i did not know the way to go by myself! He did come for the scan in the end...but u see its all about nursing his ego. he wants me to beg him to come. And I dont feel in a begging mood right now. So I just say to hell with him & then repent he did not come later!!!!!!!!! He does not care about missing all my appointments though. But over the phone to family members & friends , makes a big show of it as if he's taking great care of me...............
R U in Scotlnad then? Im in Aberdeen, & though my antenatal classes havent begun as yetmy MW informed me that it was a couples class that I have been booked into. Its called parentcraft here.How hard do u think its going to be 4 me to drag DH along though?
Small world I am in Aberdeen too! Does your DH work in the oil industry by any chance? Mine does hence the move up here from Kent.
Because I only got here a few weeks ago I only have a few antenatal classes left to attend. None of them are for hubbies, which pees me off a bit. The only thing he was able to come to was the tour of the maternity ward. I am glad he was there cos I nearly fainted!!!! :oops:
Hope - come into the chat room so we can talk in 'real time' or PM me, it seems we have a lot in common!
What PM u? And how do I get in the chat room?
My comp here doesnt seem chat room friendly. Ph no is 274322. Do give me a call

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