Has anyone tried Clear Blue Fertility Monitor?


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Aug 5, 2011
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Has anyone tried the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor to sus out ovulation?
I'm beginning to freak out a wee bit. I think I'm ovulating later than the usual Ovn calculators are predicting. But my cycle also seems to be short. Approx 26 - 27 days. Making me have a 10 - 11 day Leuteal Phase. Any advice anyone?
Trust the machine Hun I got caught first time using it :) good luck x
Same, used it first month this month and got bfp yesterday! X
I am trying the monitor for the first time this month. there is a thread in TTC section if you want to take a peek. I think a 26-27 day cycle is fine so don't worry.
Are you using the monitor at the mo or are you using ovulation kits? x
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Hi Lisey, I'm using OPKs at the minute. I'm thinking of trying some digital ones then I seen the monitor and thought it might be better value. Sounds like it is good. I must get one for next month.
Hi, thats what I thought, that it may be cheaper in the long run. They are cheaper online if you do consider getting one.
I used the digital OPK's and they are good, I am not good with the ones that show lines as i always question if the line is dark enough. Also did a test like that once and the line was so faint...I was on cycle day 13 so knew it should have been darker, I did a digital one and the smiley face came up so I question how reliable the others ones are (they were internet cheapies tho).
Wishing you loads of luck xx

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