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Had scan....


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Jun 11, 2007
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All ok, saw heartbeat and measured 6 weeks and 4 days! Feel like I should be celebrating but I cant yet as it's still such early days - last time I miscarried after seeing the heartbeat. But hey, at least we're over one hurdle :D

As I've had bleeding the nurse told me to rest up, avoid sex and no dancing at Xmas parties! Fat chance of that, I'm falling asleep by 9pm!

Anyone else had / having an early scan? xxx
I had an early scan at 5 and again at 6 weeks. We saw the heart beat and im now 17 weeks. Hope you will be joining us in 2nd tri soon, good luck x x x
Congrats and stay positive! I had 3 early scans after some bleeds/spotting and all is fine now at almost 28 weeks :D
Hi Mandspice,

I have had 2 early scans now, one private at 6 weeks 3 days and one on the NHS at 8 wks 3days and had a heart beat for both. I understand it must be difficult for you to relax after your past history but getting a heartbeat is a major hurdle so you should see it a s a major positive. Whens your next scan?
Congratulations on seeing the heartbeat - its a lovely feeling isn't it.

As for early scans crikey.... i had one at 4 weeks with a suspected ectopic but they couldn't see anything so i had to go back at 6 weeks and we saw our little bean's tiny flickering heartbeat. Then at 8 weeks i mentioned a loss of symptoms at my midwife appointment and she took me next door at got me scanned again! So i've had 3 so far and i'm only 9 weeks 3 days and i think i might be having another official (not emergency) one next week too.

I keep asking if its safe for me to have all these scans and they assure me it is so i won't argue as i feel really lucky to see my bean as often as i have!

Try and relax as some of the other ladies have said the heartbeat is one milestone reached so keep looking after yourself and think positive (i know easier said than done!) Even after all my scasn i'm still a nervous wreck counting the days till i'm 12 weeks!

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Thanks everyone :hug:

I'm gonna book a private scan for 9 weeks and then I'll have another NHS one at 12 weeks. Is hard cos dh won't get excited, he doesn't see it as "real" until we get past the danger zone. I guess it's just his way of dealing with it.
I had an early scan with my lil boy at 6 weeks due to suspected eptopic. Im now almost 7 weeks and worrying about this one. How do you go about a private scan and do you know how much they are?x
Hi Katie,

It depends where you live but I searched on the net and found that Lewisham hospital (south London)do them for £75. I think it ranges between £75 - £100. I just called them up and booked, no questions asked and they do Saturday appointments too. Good luck x

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