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Guess where i just found my daughter!


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Mar 27, 2006
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Thea was upstairs in her cot having a nap so I went down into the basement to do some laundry.
When i came back upstairs there wasn't a peep from her but she'd been asleep for almost two hours so i went up to wake her (Thea would sleep all day if i let her and then play all night).
So where was my darling girl. NOT IN HER COT! I almost died of fright.
Then there's a little snoring noise and i look round to find her on the couch that's its the corner of her room!
She had climbed out of the cot and then up on to the couch and gone back to sleep!!
The cot is as low as it will go now so i cant adjust the height anymore. This is the fourth time she's climbed out in less than a month. I wish i could catch her doing it because id love to see her method! I never hear a loud bang when she does it!
Should i be thinking about putting her into a toddler bed? My mam thinks i should, her logic being that if she falls out of a toddler bed its a lot less of a drop to the floor than her climbing out of her cot. Its not a cot bed so id have to go out and buy a proper bed for her.
She just seems too little though, she's not even 15 months old.
Awww bless her; what a clever girl she is :D

If you feel she is too young for a toddler bed; have you thought about a grobag? (Don't tell me she is in one and still managing to climb out :shock: )

Age is only a number hun and Thea is just so ahead anyway; do whatever you feel is right :hug:
I think i would put her in a toddler bed if it were me, you can get sides so that she cant fall out of it.
Id go for a cot bed Mel, it sounds like shes ready for one and you could buy a cot guard for it and let her choose her own bedding. I never had any problems putting my DS into a bed, he loves it and sleeps better then ever!

Im sure shed love it and to stop her from wanering just put a guard across her door :D
OMG Melanie, you must have had such a fright! Go Thea! Clever girl!

I agree that age is just a number - Thea has always been really quick to do things so maybe is ready for a bed with guards. I love the idea of her choosing her own duvet and pillow set etc and making it a big adventure for her.

Let us know how you get on.

Valentine Xxx
my brother was in a bed by that age as he (with a little help from his big sister :oops: ) had learned to climb out of his cot. He is 26 now - my mum still reminds me how naughty we were when we were little! :oops:
I agree, put her in a bed like your mum says it is much less of a fall if god forbid she gets her foot caught

What a clever little girl you have :)
Lol lil monkey!!!!

If it was me, id get get a lil bed for her....

is there an ikea in budapest? lol *simple moment*

They do some bargains in there....
I've talked it over with Richard and he thinks she should go in a toddler bed too. It makes me a bit sad to think about though :(

Yes we have Ikea here in Budapest Lozzi :lol: three of them infact. I think we'll probably go on Sunday because its a nightmare on a saturday!

Richard said to her tonight you will stay in bed like a good girl and she said "haha no daddy" :rotfl: Having a clever kid is hard work!
mel i know how u feel....we have just started with the same problem my LO was caught using his teddies in a pile as a step :shock: he was half way to climbing out - we only noticed because we could here the bars on his cot ratteling so OH went up to see what he was doing and he was half way to freedom :shock:

little terrors...seems once he discoverd walking , well thats boring now and he has to discover something much better to do. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

he kicked his football for the first time last week. :cheer: :cheer:
Yup its time for a bed... although you can put her in a normal grown up bed tbh. I found Tia could climb out of bed at 11 months... I didn't have the money to buy a toddler bed then a grown up one, so I just went straight for the grown up model... She was totally fine...

tbh, a grown up bed has less distance to fall than a cot... :roll:

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