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May 2, 2005
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The hospital has just rang me,

The blood they took last week showed my sugar levels are high, and they want me to go in to get another blood sample done etc

Can nothing go straight forward for me?! :(

Then i have a hospital appointment anyway on thursday, i just feel like the last few weeks have been non stop worry adn hospital visits

So i can't eat from 10pm tonight and just drink water.

I had to have that done, its horrible.

Im a wimp when it comes to eating or drinking anything new or that i know i wont like, and they made me drink a thick suagary drink, it was yuk! lol

was it you that has a big baby? if you have diabeaties then that will exaplin it, thats why they made me do the test but it turns out i didnt have it
Well she said she would just do some more bloods and it would only take a minute, it was cos i had a trace of glucose in my urine last week.

My baby apparently is 7lb now, so not majorly big- she said it could just be something i ate before doing the urine test.
your lucky then,

everyone i know who had had to have that test has to not eat or drink anything bfore hand, have a blood test, then drink a horrible sugary drink, wait 2 hours, thne have another blood test.

waiting for 2 hours to eat is hell! lol

best of luck with it, i hope it goes ok

oh i don't know then, all she said was to come in at 8.10, have some more blood then i can go off and eat something and they will then give me the results.

I'll have to let you know
Hope everything goes ok on thurs!

They said i might need this test done if my baby shows as being too big at my next midwife appointment.
I wonder if it's different tests or different situations, you both had suspected big babies, but they only found a trace of glucose in my urine?

Maybe they don't have to be as thorough with mine as it might have just been something i'd eaten?

Hmmm, the plot thickens
Hi All!!

Is the glucose test not a standard test they do in the U.K.?? Here in the states it's a standard test they do it at about 26-27wks, and yes the drink they make you drink is nasty here you have a choice between cola and orange, I opt for the orange! It's kinda like drinking corn syrup!! lol but the test itself isn't so bad! :eek:)

Good Luck!!!

xoxo Ree
oo cola sounds better than orange! lol

i have only ever been given the orange drink, makes me want to heave lol

i had sugar show up in my urine alot, its only been teh last two times i have been clear of it
oh right well i don't know then, she said about more blood and it only taking a few minutes so i will let you know!!

Don't fancy a hanging gloopy drink at 8.10am though!!

Its manditory here in Canada as well, and if its good we dont do the two hour wait just the one hour and its this orange pop stuff, yuck i hate pop as it is.
I think the glucose test i would need would be to see if my body was producing enough to cope with a big baby :? maybe they are concerned that your body is making too much??
i have to have this test on 1st march as there is diabetes in my family not looking forward to it at all i really dont know how im gonna get up in morning and have no cup of tea :( thats gonna be the hardest bit for me
been told nothing to eat or drink from 10pm the night before only sips of water :shock: got to be at hospital for 9 for a blood test then drink a sugary drink and then wait till 11 for another blood test :( will have serious caffeine withdrawals by then lol xxxxx
Well i had it, well i didn't- i went in and i had the head midwife doing it, she asked me why they had bothered bringing me in as i was so late on in the pregnancy!! She said they don't usually do it after 34 weeks.

So she just took one blood sample to test for blood sugar and i should get the results tomorrow when i go and see them.

So i didn't have that yucky bright neon orange drink!!! Yippeeee

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