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Freaking out, for no reason, kind of :)


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Nov 6, 2006
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Isaac never properly napped until recently, he would power nap on me but that was it, now he will sleep up to 4hrs in the daytime :shock: I have to admit it's freaking me out now, and the thought of all that free time freaks me out a bit too, what will I do with it, except come on here :rotfl: How much sleep does/did your LO have during the day at around 6months old?
at that age Arianna used to power nap too, but from about 8mths she would go down for anything between an hour to two hours and still does.

Is he still sleeping ok at nights?
Tom slept for about 3 hours when he was 6 months. How long is Isaac sleeping at night? xx
Thanks for replying ladies :hug:
He's sleeping well through the night in my opinion, he will go down between 7-8pm and sleep until 5-6am, lately he has been waking a few times after being put down but I'm sure that's teething, he has the hot red cheeks and just needs comforting from it. He's usually happy with 2 naps a day, one before 12 and one after, each can last between 30mins and 2 hrs :think:

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