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    hi all well can any of you help at all?? Its just that as frankie was getting a bit greedy with her feeding i changed her formula from the sma gold to the sma white and although she seems a little more content on being on that now she is still crying about an hour or so after having a 5oz feed wanting more which i do give her i thought that by changing over her formula she would be a little more settled and not requiring her milk so often but this is not the case it seems to be a little worse at ight though as she wakes frequenlty wanting her feed and also tends to projectile vomit her milk up no sooner than she has had it in which after that she still wants her milk as she wont settle unless she has had it i know its not anytihng like wind or anything else it could be as i check for all this and i just feel a little stuck on it all and was just wondering what anyone can suggest for me if anything at all?
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    I know you say it isn't wind, but when babies get trapped wind their tummies hurt so they cry because they think they are hungry but really their not, hence the sometimes projectile vomiting from overfeeding. Try using a dummhy at the end of a feed so that she can suck to ease the pain but not overfil her tummy.

    hth xx

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