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first midwife appt on sunday...


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Nov 21, 2007
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im really nervous

the midwife is visiting me at home on sunday mornin, some people ive spoke to have said they have never heard of that, is it normal?

what will she do on the first visit?

plz put my mind at rest :|
My MW came to visit me at home at around 11 weeks. She did my bloods at the time and a risk assessment thingy with stuff like whether my house was easily accessable, if we had a door bell, if our street was well lit etc. Hmmm...what else...it was a long time ago now! lol! I can't remember. Should be pretty painless though!
mine came to visit me at home hun
dint have my bloods done but i did have my wee checked filled in LOADS of forms out medical history on mine and hubbys side weighed me asked about smoking/drinking/drugs
gave me loads of leafets erm just had a chat really was there about an hour
manda xx
Did all the family history stuff at the clinic.
15 weeks is quite late to be having a 1st mw appointment, isn't it?
It depends on the health authority as to whether they do home visits or not.
With James, for my initial visit the midwife came to me. With this baby I'm living in a different area and have to go to the clinic for my appointments.
It's nothing to worry about :D
Kylie1007 said:
Did all the family history stuff at the clinic.
15 weeks is quite late to be having a 1st mw appointment, isn't it?

i had a scan at 12 wks and spoke to the doctor then, but this is my 1st midwife appt
mine came to my home and when she was there the cat, (who NEVER hunts) decided to run in with a mouse and let it loose in the lounge HAHA
ooooooooooo today is the day

she should be here about 9.30am, i have butterflies :?

my OH was called into work last night as well on an emergency job and still isnt back, im a bit gutted as its the 1st appt :(
thanks hun, i just keep staring at the clock and i cant stop weeing :oops: must be the nerves
Becky - how did things go? did your partner get back in time?
ken walked in the same time as the midwife so i was made up that he made it, bless him he had been awake over 36hrs and still managed to ask loads of questions and pay attention to all the info we were given

we heard the heart beat which was amazing :D

also talked through all the tests available and our birthing options, might opt for a birthing pool at home 8)

cant wait for the 20wk scan now so i can see bump again :D
Thats fantastic that he made it through at the same time - did he go straight to sleep after she had gone??

I got my next appointment with MW on 20th dec. I will be 17 + 2 i should get to hear the heartbeat aswell


Glad it went well and oh got to be there. Its great hearing the heartbeat. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
I'm glad everything went well- I was a bit late reading your post otherwise I would have sent a nice reassuring post telling you that it is normal to be visited at home-oops bit late now!

Not long to wait until your 20 week scan- it'll be around in a jiffy!
It's really strange as up here i saw midwife 1st (at 9 weeks) in the docs surgery, then had a scan at 14 weeks, then see the midwife at 17 weeks, then a scan at 21 weeks. then it will be midwife again. You had your scan first then had a home visit off midwife

she sed id done things a bit of a funny way round but as this is our 1st we just assumed the way we were doin it was normal lol

it was so nice to be reassured about everything

we are also now considering a home birth :shock:

bless ken as soon as the midwife went he passed out on the sofa but he was over the moon to hear the heart beat, we wish we'd have recorded it on our fones now tho :?

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