First appointment with GP to discuss TTC

Discussion in 'Long Term TTC & Fertility Issues' started by TTC1985, Jan 9, 2016.

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    As the title suggests we've now had our first appointment with our new GP to discuss TTC and our concerns. The GP was very nice and reassuring which was good.

    For our area and I think this may be the case for most we need to have been TTC for 2 years which will take us to July this year. The GP said that now was a good time to come as we can start some tests in preparation for our referral. She has organised tons of blood tests for me for all different things and a SA for my husband.

    As anticipated, my GP checked my BMI and it is over the max limit for referral so I have been now and July to lose the weight. Whilst I knew this would be the case it has upset me a bit, but I have had time to get focused and now feeling more positive. I am already starting a healthy eating and exercise regime so fingers crossed!!

    We've been told that if they identify any issues from our blood tests / SA we can be referred beforehand, albeit the weight issue will need to have been sorted (i guess?)

    One thing I have left feeling unsure about is that we have been using the CBFM for a while now and what it has shown me was that I appear to be ovulating late in my cycle. My cycle average is 28 days and i tend to ovulate around 18/19. My GP seemed unconvinced and tried to tell me that the period between the start of the cycle and ovulation is the only moving thing?! So the last couple of months my cycles have been unusually short 24 days so if I ovulate on the same days as before its the second phase (luteal phase) that has changed so I'm unconvinced by my GP? I know this will be hopefully worked out through the blood tests etc but it just confused me - any ideas?

    Also, once referred how long did it take to get things moving, obviously our GP is organising all the relevant tests so hope this may save time?

    Sorry for the long winded post, just getting my head round things and its been bugging me.

    Thank you, and good luck to all on their TTC journey.
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    Hmm GP's often sound like they don't know what they are talking about. :/
    Are you having a Day 21 blood test for progesterone? I'm pretty sure that one does have to be 7 days after you ovulate which was a pain for me to work out as I was not OPKing at the time. Hopefully you catch it first try, took me 3 blood tests!

    My GP sent our referral about a year ago and it took 6 months for our referral letter to come.
    The letter then said to call and make an appointment, which was then another 2 months away.
    First app was just a talk and they did some swabs then booked for HSG and Ultrasound.
    HSG I had to wait another month for.
    Then Ultrasound was a month after that.
    Went back to my consultant yesterday and now being referred for ivf.
    So more waiting! ahhh.

    I think the wait times will just depend on your hosp though some have shorter lists than others.
    Keep up with the healthy eating and exercise regime it will all be worth it in the end. :D
    Lots of good luck to you!
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    I read that your luteal phase does not change and in my experience, this is the case. I have short cycles (around 24 days) but generally ovulating on CD10 (meaning I have a 14 day luteal phase). However, I've had cycles from 23 to 28 days and I've always ovulated 14 days before my period arrived.

    Like you, our GP did some of the tests which sped things up a bit. It all moved quite quickly. I think we had our first appointment August 2014, had further tests then had IUI in Jan and Feb last year. We took a break, had a further appointment and got diagnosed with PCOS, had a further break due to hols and had IVF in November. Xx

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