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Oct 21, 2007
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had a BFP on an OPK last night! I know it might not seem very exciting but its been 18 long weeks since I m/c and haven't had AF in all that time so to finally get a sign that my body's 'working' again, well I'm over the moon, to say the least!!

So just wanted to say, I'm officially joining you ladies on the TTC forum!!

Just one think I wanted to check, am I right in thinking that its the 36 hours after a + OPK that you're most fertile or has it already passed for this month? Thanks.
Hiya!! :wave: and wooop! at you getting your OPK+ :) Yes you are right about the 36 hours being your most fertile time, though it is best to BD for the few days leading up to ovulation as the spermies can survive for about 3 days, and of course around and immediately after ovulation (something which I have only just recently realised we should be doing!)

Getting the OPK usually means that you are about to ovulate within the next day or so hence the 36 hours that you have to get BDing in!! :D
Congratulations :D a nice christmas present for you and OH. Praying this is your time :pray: :pray: :pray:

Good luck :)
12 to 48 hours hun depending where abouts in the spike youve got your poss opk , bd anyway ! go go go !
:wave: Hi and welcome to ttc forum, Like G3M says its 12 to 48 hours on opks so get bd.

Good luck :hug:
Thanks for all your replies.

Just got home from work and about to pounce on unsuspecting DH :wink:

Merry Xmas all xx

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