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Dummies & Breastfeeding


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Feb 11, 2007
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OK Ive been told that when BF it is not advisable to give baby a dummy as it can confuse them and also effect their suction on nipple as they get used to the dummy....

Just out of interest have any of you used dummy whilst BF & from what age etc?

We dont plan to use a dummy if we can help it but if shes screaming and its the only thing that will shut her up it sounds good to me :lol:
Hello honey, I have used a dummy since week 2 LOL I was adamant i wouldnt but wow do things change!!!

She found it strange at first but hasnt got confused at all. Hope this helps xx
millie has a dummy and never had a prob with BF, but one of the first things the MW said after she was born was "ooh, she's a good feeder!" so i maybe lucky that shes one baby who takes to breast really well and nothing can stop her lol!
we tried dummy first when she was about a week old and she took it a bit but by 2 weeks old she wasnt interested in it at all (the dummy not BF)
then at 3 months or so she started taking it again now and she loves it now yet still loves BF too.
and i hav to say, dummies are godsends! i didnt intend on really using them either but i love them now. and i actually think she looks really cute when shes sucking on it and u can see it moving!
maria1976 said:
Hello honey, I have used a dummy since week 2 LOL I was adamant i wouldnt but wow do things change!!!

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Ditto...

I wasn't going to use dummies... my mum said I'd hated mine.. but after a few days of having a permanent limpet attached to my boob... I sent my mum out to get me some... I popped on in her mouth and she loved it... but she never got confused... after all nothing interesting comes out of dummies... :roll:

This time I've stocked up on them... :rotfl: and have two packs waiting in the wings.

Dummies purely depend on whether you have a sucky baby or not.. The baby will either like or not... but when your bfing and your nipples are cracked and sore, and theres a baby hanging off them, not feeding just using you as a giant dummy (which bfed babies will do).. a substitute is a welcome alternative.

Buy a pack of two Happy Chick... if the baby is sucking off you a lot but not feeding then try a dummy to give your boobs a rest.... if she doesn't like them.. throw them away. :) I think it's only a couple of quid for a pack of two.. :)
Thanks ladies that helps :)

I have already bought a couple of packets, different brands to try so will see how it goes :D x
it all depends on the baby, i tried millie with one but she couldnt get the hang of it and it kept falling out about every 10seconds, i tried ryan and he's taken to it straight away and its not affecting his b/f at all. Millie wouldn't have a botle either whereas ryan will. It great being able to have a break!
I've done it and it hasn't affected breastfeeding at all - he's a little hunger monster! he uses the dummy for comfort but spits it out when he doesn't want it!
We're using MAM (orthodontic newborn) & Avent dummies.
I broke all the rules and gave Ryan - from birth - Breast, Nipple Shields, Bottles, Cup, Dummies... everything :) and he's fine to take any of them. We just stuck to the same brand (avent) so it all should feel like the same to him...

We chose to give him a dummy because he liked to suck a lot for comfort, so it was either boob, our fingers, or a dummy, and with the best will in the world, we can't hold him and let him suck our hand *all* the time, and sucking on nipples you soon get fed up with and uncomfortable!!, so a dummy solved the problem! :)
alana loved sucking her hand and never took to a dummy, im hoping the next baby is the same, as i know some people find it hard weaning baby off the dummy.
i used dummies with both my boys, and never had any bf problems.I've stocked up on them already for this one :)
Lola has a dummy and has never got confused like Squiglet said after all nothing interesting comes out of dummies :D
Alex has had a dummy from 2 days old, and I am exclusively breastfeeding him. He's never seemed confused about the two at all.
after about 2 weeks of boob or crying i gave bam a dummy.

She hasnt been confused, and were still breastfeeding morning noon and night lol at almost 11months :D
im glad u asked this jo i was wondering too !

i want to use a dummy , cos mum didnt with me and i sucked my thumb resulting in 2 thumbs different lengths and sticky out goody teeth :cry:
We had decided not to give Maya a dummy. But she started sucking her finger, our fingers, my breasts all the time! We gave her a dummy at 2 weeks old when she was going to sleep at night mostly because we thought that it would be better for her teeth if she sucked a dummy instead of her finger, at least they are orthodontic. It didn't cause any nipple confusion. We give her bottle as well sometimes - expressed milk - and she has been fine with that too, so maybe it's up to the baby.
we give Ash a dummy now and again. We waited until after her was 4 weeks old until giving him one as I'd read somewhere that that was best.

He very rarely hs it, probably 2 or 3 times a week. But hasn't affected his breastfeeding at all.

My midwife said she had only ever seen one case of true nipple confusion before. It's a bit of myth!

We use Mam ones aswell.

I had dummies bought for Willow,but I've never bothered using them.She seems happier with her fist :lol: :lol:

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