Dry white CM after implantation? Can I be pregnant

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    Can I ask a question sorry, I've seen a lot of ladies on here talk about really sticky CM in the early stages of pregnancy, I do not know when I ovulated as I just had a miscarriage.
    Miscarriage spotting (very light bleeding) started 22/10, heavier 26/10 and stopped completely 30/10. I had unprotected sex on 04th and 5th November.
    Checked for any leftover HCG earlier last week and came back BFN.
    Last week - I was sure I was implanting as I felt light cramping on my left for 2 days, as well as WET creamy white discharge for about 4 days and then dried up completely until yesterday when I noticed this white but VERY DRY discharge.
    I have no other early pregnancy symptom at all and just came back BFN this morning.

    Could the dry discharge be a signal that I am not pregnant? or anyone here experienced the same?

    The reason why I am so anxious is that we have split up soon after the miscarriage... There is a really sad story between my ex and I (emotional abuse) and I have finally made the decision to split, it would never work.
    I really want to have a child and not sure I should tell him YET as he might try to convince me to get back.

    I'm really desperate, what is your opinion, can I be pregnant?... it would be great news
    picture here https://goo.gl/photos/WTLGTp5J6cW3tpzX8
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