driving whilst pregnant


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Feb 4, 2005
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I'm hoping to work right up to 3 weeks before my due date... fingers crossed all goes well... the only concern is i drive approx 100 miles to and from work each day! is there any law that states your insurance does not cover you in the late stages of pregnancy?

I wouldn't think so but some one in the office mentioned it!!!

I drove right up until I went into labour and I was 13 days overdue. I had spoken to my insurance about getting OH on my insurance for when I went into labour and they didn't mention that I shouldn't be driving. Like Tankett said as long as you can fit behind the wheel and feel comfy I can't see any reason you shouldn't be driving. I don't envy you driving that far though, I had to drive 200 miles to my graduation ceremiony when I was 8 months pregnant and that exhausted me!!!
I've been wondering about driving while pregnant too.

I know you can still drive while pregnant and I've never known anyone stop driving because of it.

But what I was wondering about was learning to drive while pregnant.

I never had a driving lesson but wanted to start to learn to drive before this one is born but I was unsure about if they teach women to drive while pregnant.

I've ask hubby about this I he doesn't think it's a problem.

suz - they will still teach you to drive whilst you are pregnant - my friend actually took her test at 8 months preg! ( she failed tho - so you obviously dont get any extra sympathy points of the examiner!! lol)

i think i've read somewhere that, although its not "ilegal" to drive whilst pregnant - its not recomended onec you get to 38 weeks - i think this is for your own safety in case your waters break while your at a set of traffic lights or something!!

im still driving at 32 weeks now, but boyf does the majority of the driving at the mo - and he;ll use the car when i finish work (we work at the same place anyway)

its not illegal to drive pregnant..however ur insurance company may not cover you in the last weeks, its up to the individual company so ask your company their policy on pregnancy.

i know after c section some companies dont cover you until 4 or 6 weeks after the op. it does get bloody hard at the end especially when u suddenly get a really strong braxton hicks... ouch....

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