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Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by CouldItBeABaba, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Hi all, well....where to start? I feel as though I am driving myself crazy!!

    I am 28 years and my partner is 27 years. I already have a 5 year old son from a previous relationship but this will be my partners first child and we have been TTC for 2 cycles now. Call it wishful thinking but I really think this could be it but I seem to be getting BFN on my tests so I am feeling disheartened and a little overwhelmed by the whole guessing game right now!

    Today's date is 21.2.16 and my last period was 21.1.16. I usually have a 26-28 day cycle and so my 28th day would of expected a period 3 days ago on the 18.2 but it never came. I looked into my peak ovulation time when I got my last period and it came back as being between 1-6.2 (so today I am effectively 15dpo if I go by the 6th). I think I have got this all right!!

    So anyway, apart from the overdue period, I actually do feel like I could be expecting. I am tired constantly, I have been eating much much more and just never feel full, I have swollen/tender breasts, feel like I am peeing every 5 mins even tho these are just small little wees, I have small dizzy episodes and bleeding gums and extremely mild lower back and abdomen pain. Typically, around PMS time I get very strong cramps around my belly and back and usually come on a period within hours of this like clockwork every cycle. I experienced these pains 6/7 days ago now and no sign on my period at all. I wondered if these could be linked with implantation as these would of been 8/9 dpo but I had no signs of spotting at the time.

    So far I have done a test 2 days prior to period due date which was BFN. Also, did one with my FMU today (3days late) and again got BFN. My partner and I have a very active sex life and were very very active during my suggested ovulation dates. I feel there is a very high likely hood for successful conception but the tests are just not giving me the answer that I am hoping for!!

    5 years ago when I conceived with my little boy my period dates were all messed up as I had experienced a miscarriage a month or so earlier so I was always quite unsure as to when my PMS cycle was due at that time. So trying to compare back to his conception/testing to find out isn't really very helpful to me but hopefully some of you guys could give me your honest opinions or share your symptoms/dates/stories with me. I am very reluctant to discuss it with any friends or family yet incase it turns out that I am Infact not expecting but I find myself spending every spare second I can on these forums searching for answers!
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    Hi hun


    I can completely empathise with your situation. You sound like a replica of me tbh! My husband and I have been trying for 3 cycles now. On my second cycle I was 10 days late and had sore boobs, increased discharge (sorry for the TMI) and just felt pregnant, Well AF showed and was very different from my usual 5 day medium/heavy flow. I was on for 3 days and it was VERY light. This time round, I have what could be pregnancy symptoms; tired all the time, clouded vision, hungry (eating like a pig atm) veins covering my breasts, occasional headaches and pinching cramps. I'm currently 13 dpo and due on tomorrow!

    After lurking on here and speaking to a few people I am starting to wonder whether I am having phantom pregnancies, especially as I was really feeling and experiencing so many symptoms last time and again this time, yet seeing BFN's. I don't feel stressed by it, but perhaps I am considering that each day I am questioning "what if".

    I think it is true to bear in mind that you still could possibly be pregnant until your period does show itself. Some tests are more sensitive than others and everyone is different in how quickly they show up with BFN's on the home tests.

    I have fingers crossed for you and hope that you get the result you are looking for. Until then, go with it and have fun trying! xxx

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