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Jul 27, 2005
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sorry i have not been on properly i have been telling people that i was pg today and last nite
firstly i told garry he was totally over the moon really surprised me and was really supportive he is going to the docs with me on monday :)
secondly went to tell my mum and before i had the chance she sed congratulations n i was like what for and she said the baby lol ( she knew with B to)
my dad was just like not another little monster lol but today has been looking at pushchairs lol
and lizzie OH mother - well put it this way took it better than with B ( i dont have to have an abortion this time but it is advised ) BITCH garry had a big go at her :D

anyway i am really happy now every1 knows and garry has been great been round all day today sorting out his problems with dad, and wont let me lift an arm :D could get used to this lol

lots of love sarah, braydon and bump

thank you every1 for being so nice
Was waiting to hear how it all went..lad all turned out ok, now you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy :D
brilliant news sarah that they all took it so well. you can relax & enjoy your pregnancy now :D
Yay great news!
I hope your pregnancy goes as smoothly!
Congratulations Sarah !!!

Great news hun and will be lovely for Braydon to have a little brother or sister. Hope your pregnancy goes smoothly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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