of course it's not naff! i love the more old fashioned wooden toys, and have fond memories of my wooden jigsaw puzzles and building blocks from my own childhood!
Agree with Petchy - definately not naff.

I think it's great, I prefer the more old fashioned wooden toys

32 + 3
The old toys are the best and make the best sounds and feel better than plastic.

I can't wait to get the bricks in the wheel cart thing for Dominic.
I wouldnt say its too old. My surgery has one in the waiting room and when we go to get jess weighed I cant get her away from it.
I have also bought one and know it will be a hit. Flashy light things have their place but you find the kids always go back to the old fashioned type toys. (and you wont be left hunting for batteries)

Hope your little one enjoys it.
Apparently the old fashioned toys are so much better for development than the new flashy light type things.

I would love to get some more traditional things myself. :D
I love it and would definately buy it myself!! :D
I saw it yesterday in mothercare, its brill!

I was so tempted to get it, but there isnt much point yet, hopefuly it will still be on sale when the time comes to get toys
Maybe you will get some vouchers when baby is born that you could put towards it. Although it's early it wont matter to have it in for a few months. My baby has had toys since before I conceived lol!
layla that cube is gorgeous, i much prefer the wooden toys. might show it to hubby.


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