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Couldn't wait to test


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May 16, 2007
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I'm due on Tuesday, but my boobs have been really sore for a few days (last time they were like this was when I was first pg)... so after one restless night last night and chewing it over all day today!! I did a test with one of the ebay cheapies.

I got a really really faint line, but there is definitely one there! It's such a relief to have this before Jan (My first would have been due in three weeks and I'm not sure how I would've felt about it).

I'm going to test tomorrow morning of course!

I'm so happy, sorry, had to blurt!!
looks like congrats are in order, hope you get a darker line tomorrow x x x
Yay!! Fabulous news hun!! What a great start to 2008 for you :dance:
Good Luck! Let us know what happens today! :)
Aw, congrats hun, that's great news. Hope you get a stronger line on your next test x
Congratulations......what a fab way to start the new year

Congratulations :cheer:

Hope your line gets stronger and you have a happy and healthy 9 months :hug:
Hi, thanks for all the replies!

I did three cheapies this morning that were all really faint. I bought a first response pack and did one at lunch. It came up immediately with a bright pink pair of lines! I'm so excited, although trying not to worry that we'll have another MC.

Off to get my ticker! :D

Thanks again, and good luck to everyone else waiting for a BFP.

Sending you lost of sticky babydust for a healthy and happy pregnancy :D
Congratulationsw NickyB, wishing you a comfy and happy 9months :cheer: :hug: :cheer:

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