Confused about ovulation test help!


Sep 15, 2011
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I'm using the one step ovulation test strips, Friday showed no line, sat &sun showed a faint line then today there is no line, have I ovulated? Really confused because my temp was really high on sunday, ive been having some cramping pains today aswell, please help ladies!
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There is a thread about these opks in the forum , a few of us have used them in the past and have not got positive results so i would stay away from them. Fingers crossed you have bd'd just incase it was your ov xx
Yeah, I just read the other post and I am sure these are the ones I have used before and never ever got a positive on them. Faint lines don't indicate ovulation, it has to be near or as dark as the control line. I don't know anything at all about temping but does a higher reading usually mean its ov time? If so then I would assume ov had happned on Sunday (but again-i know zilch about temping) xx Good luck xx
thanks for the replys girls:) i did another ov test today and no line again, ive just read that post about the one step ovulation tests, what a waste that was i have brought loads of them! oh well i did alot of bd'ing over weekend so fingers crossed i ovulated:) now just got to wait again which is the worst part, i also brought the one step pregnancy test strips which are supposed to be the ultra sensitive ones 10ml, do you think these tests are just as rubbish as the ovulation tests? as got them together xx
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I've been using one step, and they work well for me they seem to get darker each day from cd12 on cd15 the line has been darker than the control line, I also have the clear blue advanced and I got a solid smile on the same day, I never go a flashy face though! I've bought some preseed for my next try and also some robitussin cough syrup as I've heard the ingredient in this helps the cm to become thinner, I have a cough to so either way it will help me in some way. X
I've used One Step for the first time this cycle and they worked fine. I noticed that if I had a bit to drink, the line would be faint. The stick which showed the best was the one with SMU since I would only drink a cup or 2 of coffee in the morning. When I would test later in the day, it was much fainter. Here is a photo of my tests. The first one was SMU on cycle day 13, the 2 following were during that same day and the last one was on cycle day 14 wirh SMU.


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With the one step I found I had to find the right time to test to get good results so I took 3 a day so first thing in the morning then afternoon with a good hold and then 7pm with a good hold and that helped me find the right time. I start off really faint lines and they get darker the closer I get then I get a positive the same as the control line and then the next day I get another positive that's darker then the control line

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