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Jul 16, 2005
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well gals i have taken the other 2 tests and they still show up with 2 faint lines but i have done some investigating and that there as been alot of complaints about clearblue digital.
I had went on the the unipath website( the creator of clearblue) and downloaded their technical brochure. It has a diagram of what happens inside the machine and yes it is like every other preg test. 2 lines preg and 1 line means not preg.theonly difference is that ur not ment to see the result line. the intensity is measured by a red light that flashes onto the result and sends the message to the display.if the result is not intense enough at that moment then it will display not pregnant but 2 lines still mean pregnant.

what do u think gals. Could i be carrying a little miracle?

here is the link ... ochure.pdf
I used clearblue digital a day after my af due (according to my longest cycle) and got a BFP straight away. When is your af due could be the hormone isnt high enough for the test to pick up. Because I got a pack of 3 I re tested twice over the next week and each time the result came up quicker I guess because HCG is higher

But then by the look of the info on the factsheet then 2 lines is BFP!! I'll keep my fingers crossed !

Have you tried doing a different brand just to see if is any different, I know its another £10, but if you get another BFP it'll be worth it!
i was due on the 28th but the week before i had experienced a period which was not like any other. much lighter for bout 2 days and had been wiping brown for 2 days. af is usually very heavy and lasts for 4-5 days.
I hope this time i am. im getting quite frustrated and excited at the same time.
Have ya tested again??? Keep us posted! Bringing lots of baby dust your way!

Just while were sharing...i did a clear blue test first and it was really faint, then i did 2 tesco's own brand test's and it came up straight away. The even bit is they were only £5 each!!! Good old tesco's!
hey there gals,
i tested yesterday morning and got a neg. think ill just go to my docs and ask for a blood test coz i dont believe that im not preg.
i tested with those early bird ones.


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