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Cot to bed problem! Can you help as i feel mean!!


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Feb 21, 2006
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Hi ladies, im hoping you can share your experience of moving your little ones from cot to bed with me as so far it isnt going well! :?

My lo is 2 in feb and quite big for his cot now. We decorated his new room with diggers which he loves but i put him in his bed (before xmas) and he screamed for 1/2 hour. I felt so mean that i put him in his cot and thought id try again. My Q is..
Is it a case of perservering or is there another way? Hubby mentioned transfering him whilst asleep then gradually let him fall asleep in there but i thought this may confuse him.
How old were you lo's when you moved them?

I dont have the option to lower the cot bars and cant fit the bed and cot in his new room. He does love the new room and has woke up in there before when i put him in after he fell asleep in the car.

Hope someone can help.xx
I had the same the first time I tried DD in her cot, she was about 18 months.

Firstly I started putting her in a bed for her naps during the day, then after a couple days of this I put her back into her bed at night and removed her cot from her room. She had been in the room though before the bed.

Do you have a bed guard? DD does and I think that helps her feel more secure. Also she has some bedding which she loved, so we made a big fuss about going to sleep with her 'soft soft blanket', and we used to have a nighttime routine of tucking her cuddly toys down the side of her bed.

Persevere but keep reassuring him, give him things that he might have had in his cot so he realises that it's not scary. Really praise him when he goes to bed and if he stays in there, you could always try lying him down and reading him a couple of stories before you tuck him in.

Good luck! BTW his new room sounds fab :D
Thank you kina, that was really useful. So do you think his age isnt the probs as a friend said isnt he young yet and not ready. But i feel that even if i waited till he was 4 he'd kick up a fuss on the 1st night!

As you can tell, he is my 1st! And im not a wuss at all with him and can let him cry but he seemed scared which upset me and i dont want to get in the habit of lying with him to sleep.

See I thought DD was ready age wise as a lot of my online friends were doing it, but then I have friends with little ones the same age offline that are still in cots.

It's a personal decision and if you want to make the move now then it's no one elses business but yours!

I'd definately persevere if it's what you want to do and I'm sure in a couple of nights time you'll see results. Just be consistent because if your DS sees that there is chance he'll be back in his cot if he kicks up then he'll use that ;)
I'm ssorry I'm not sure what to suggest. Lydia was 22 months when she moved to a toddler bed and she was quite fine with going into a 'big girl bed'.

Mind you we moved house (swapped with my mam) at the same time, so it was ALL new for her - new bed, new bedroom, first time she wasn't sleeping in our room, and then 2 weeks later she was hit with a new brother!
Ours was a cot bed, so he first went to a cot bed with safety rail, then we got him a big bed (He was bending the screws on the cot with his size) He loves it, we still have the safety side on (Actually also it is the top bunk of a bung bed so he has all the rails around (oh it is on the floor not top bunk!) He doesn't need them now but with another baby on the way we like him too feel the security.

He has been in it since he was 20 months (once he was steady on his feet) he loves the pillow and the space. Best advice is to make sure they always wake up where they fall to sleep (unless that is on the floor!) Because that is what scares them (It would scare me too!) My lad feel to sleep a few times on the floor near his gate, but he soon realised his bed was comfy! And loves his Simpson bedding! :sleep:
Also let them potter around there room for awhile before they have to go to sleep. They like the fredom.
Ellie slept in a bed for the first time Christmas Day Night. When she had last slept in the travel cot (about 2 weeks before), she had a restless night and we thought it might be she wasn't comfortable in it any more (she nearly fills it now). We bought a bed guard and put it up, then put a folded duvet at the her feet. She actually slept through the night :cheer: , which she hadn't don't for a couple of weeks. She then slept in a bed 2 nights later, same setup. She did wake once during that night but that is not unusual at the moment.

If you haven't got a bed guard, I would suggest getting one and trying that as well.

We are now looking at getting a bed (though trying to decide if we go for a full size single or a toddler bed at the moment). As my boss (she has 4 children) recommended that we switch sooner rather than later to a bed, as she had a nightmare with her first because she felt she left it too late.
Just a update..i made a big fuss of my lo and kept going into his room over emphasising his bedding etc ( ha ha!). Took him to bed, same rountine with teeth etc. Put him in and read a story and walked out and this time....nothing!! :D :D Went straight to sleep no probs and slept till his usual 7.30! :dance: :dance:

Settled again tonight so fingers crossed thats it!

Thanks so much girls.x :D

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