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Oct 25, 2010
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Hi all hope you are well.

I dont post too much im more of a lurker, but im hoping that someone may be able to share a similar experience that im currently goin through. Sorry if its long.

So on the 1st July i had my last period, i was under doctor at the time and he told me on the 8th july that i would ovulate in 24hrs, i also got a positive on a opk.
On the 23rd July i had a very positive pregnancy test, the line was darker than the control line at only 14dpo. Monday morning i went along to doctor who confimed a sac which was already measuring 16mm:eh: large for very early.
I had blood tests for hcg which was 20724 at 16dpo, this is very high and from then on it was a worry. My next ultrasound still only showed a sac at 18mm but its still early days. On tues i had next hcg which was only at 36528, so in 9 days had not doubled once but levels are still in range for amount of weeks.

I have my next ultrasound on monday which is not looking great but i still have hope of a miracle.

I have search internet and cannot find any stories alike mine, but then again even my doctor is confused.

Just wondering if any of you lovely ladies have any similar stories to share, or what you personally think of the outcome

Thanks and congratulations to all new bfp's
Sorry hun, i cant help, but keep us informed of whats happening, and good luck xx
Hi Hun I'm so sorry you ate going through a stressful situation. Sometimes a molar pregnancy can occur where your hormone level is extremely high and a sac forms but no baby. This happened to a friend of mine. I really really hope there is a baby for you :hugs:
Don't stalk, these ladies are lovely and so supportive through every stage xxx
Thanks girls for your replies, i will certainley keep you posted and maybe it will help someone else in the future.

Sleepy sue - i have looked into molar pregnancies and althou my levels are high they dont seem as high as people with a molar, these tend to be in 100000, but then again i dont seem to be in any category :eh:

Its taken me 12mths to get here after a m/c in aug last year, i am hoping for somethig positive on monday thou it doesnt look likely, just left in limbo at he min.
Sorry iv not clues but didnt want to read and run, Hope you just have a tiney baby thats too little to be seen and they find it next time hun

Do make sure you post and let us all know xxx everything crossed for you
I have my fingers crossed they find a bubba in there for u, good luck and keep us posted xx
Just to update went back to doc today and it is a blighted ovum, i have had medication inserted so should start bleeding in the next 8-12hrs :-(

Thank you for all you replies and good luck to you all
Really sorry to hear this hun xxx

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