Completely Knackered


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Jun 28, 2006
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anyone else completely knackered ???????

I know have worked really hard the last few weeks, doing 8 days on the trot, each day doing 10 hours a day on my feet without a break... I actually felt okay until I stopped Christmas Eve night and now don't think I will ever 'start' again.

Had 2 days of doing nothing and today really struggled going back to work today.......... just about managed to drag myself home tonight and haven't moved again since..

Wonder how on earth I am going to manage the next 9 weeks. My energy level has been really sapped. it is so unlike me, I am always on the go and the busier the better but now am beginning to like the idea of sitting on my backside for the next few weeks until baby is born.

is this normal, I know that I am 40 and this is probably taking its toll as well, but at the moment I feel about 90 !!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Do you know what fiona im totally nackered too and i have done nothing apart from, the washing! LOL :lol: :lol:
maybe you should take it easy and not work so many hours? you do generally slow down in 3rd tri anyway, and your supposed to take it easy, im absolutely knackered if i walk round tesco tbh!!!!!!
I'm knackered too. This is the first time Ive ever worked between xmas and new year, I figured I'll be having a long time off soon so might as well grab whilst I can but its taking its toll. I'm coming home and just want to chill out and be left alone, OH thinks I'm being a miserable cow whereas I just want to get through the next few weeks without worrying about paying bills. OH has commented that he doesnt like being at home when I'm working, dont think he understands that if I'm not there I dont get paid so I'd just stress out that I wont have enough to cover bills. Wouldnt mind but Ive got thousands locked in a solicitors account since september coz of dispute with ex arsehole husband.

Its my birthday tommorow and I just want a good sleep :sleep:

Grump Grump Grump...
Finished work last friday, and I didnt realise how much I needed to finish until I had actually stopped working...I have a new found energy since week 37 tho, so cant keep still at the mo (I think its nervous energy) Everyone is telling me to rest but I cant concentrate on anything for longer than 10 mins and sleeping fo a few hours at a time, I wake thinking of the birth!!

OH goes to work each day with a gob on too, he hates being in work when I am off and its worse at the mo as he is stressed in work...he thinks the next 6 months will be a long holiday for me I think :shock: :x

Try and take it easy in work, I know its hard, and you will soon be able to get your feet up xxxx :hug:
I was knackered when i was about 35 weeks pg i have just gotten used to no sleep! lol
i really feel for you hunny,

luckily for me, i havent worked during this pregnnacy, and to be honest i dont think i cud have.... im always tired!!!

i hold a lot of respect for you ladies who carry on right up until the end working away you deserve medals... :hug:
:hug: fiona

i have good days and bad days with tiredness think of all the extra weight we are carrying around and by just doing nothing extra our bodies are very busy growing these babies.

maybe its time to slow down a little - you have every right to. remember you won't get much rest once baby is here xx lots of love :hug:
Tiredness is a bloomin killer....but its only gonna get worse for us ladies when those LO's arrive :wall:

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