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Jun 29, 2005
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Hope this isn't TMI but I am charting temps this month as well as monitoring CM. The thing is, I don't really seem have a great deal of CM and should be ovulating in a couple of days. This is worrying me because I don't know how I'm going to get a BFP if I don't have enough :oops: I'm sure I've had more in previous months. Does anyone know why this might be? :roll:
Hiya Hannan

I very often didn't have the very fertile CM (Egg white consistency)....Infact more often than not, I was lacking in that area. All is not lost though, you can still get pregnant without it...just go with your wettest CM before it dries up after ovulation.

Best of luck!
i'm not 100% but i'm sure i've read some where that the fluids we produce whilst BD also help. If i'm right (or wrong) could some one please advise.
Hiya Hayley

It's my understanding that although it's easy to confuse fertile CM with arousal fluid as it looks and feels very similar.....It does not help conception in the same way. Cervical fluid is unique in its ability to keep sperm alive for up to five days (in fertile quality fluid), protects it from the acidity in the vagina and transports the sperm to the outer third wall of the fallopian tube where fertilization takes place.

The Cm we are looking for should either be:

Creamy, Milky, Lotion Like - FERTILE
Cervical fluid now becomes much more abundant and will feel wet from 2 - 4 days. It can appear either thick and creamy or like hand lotion and will form peaks in your fingertips when pulled apart or can be thinner and look milky. Color of the fluid is white or yellow and the overall vaginal sensation is wet.


Eggwhite Cervical Fluid - VERY FERTILE
Cervical fluid now reaches its most fertile stage for 1 - 5 days. The fluid will look and have the consistency of eggwhites. It is slippery to the touch and if pulled between the fingertips will stretch 1 - 10 inches! The color can be clear or iridescent and the overall sensation is extremely wet.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck!
Hi Rachael

thanks that helped a lot.

I've read about cm in a few books but they never really go into much descriptive detail. Can I ask if you know if the egg white can have a very tick texture? I noticed from quite early on after stopping the pill that around day 13 to 14 (every month) I have a thick see thru (jelly like) CM that forms little balls (sorry if this is putting anyone off - I'm trying to explain without it sounding horrible) I never experienced this whilst on the pill so this is new to me.

Could this be my most fertile time or just after my fertile time. Maybe it's the egg whites drying up.
I've had this before, both on the pill and off the pill. I always assumed it was the most fertile but don't actually know. I didn't have any the month I conceived.
Hiya Hayley

Sounds like very fertile CM to me, but there are a few checks you can do to be sure. The best thing to do is inspect the fluid. Rub your middle finger and thumb together and make a mental note on how it feels. Does the fluid feel dry or wet? Is it abundant or stark? Is it thick or thin? Does it feel sticky or creamy? Does it feel slippery like eggwhites? Pull apart you middle finger and thumb, does the fluid make little peaks? Does it Stretch? Does it gum up or crumble? Does the fluid remain on your fingers or is it so thin that it falls from your fingertips? What color is it? Clear, white or yellow? Does the fluid dry up on your fingertips quickly?. You are looking for the descriptons I described in my earlier post.

Also take notice of any fluid stains on your underwear. When you are extremely fertile the cervical fluid is abundant and has a high content of water and will leave a fluid stain in the form a circle. Less abundant non fertile fluid is dryer and tends to form lines that are in more of a rectangular shape.

Lotsa luck girls - Really hope you all get your much wanted BFPs very soon!
Hi Hannan,

I know exactly what you're going through. I have gone from the extremes with my CM and since we began trying it seemed to have dried up and blown away and after a few months of trying I was starting to think it must be because i didn't have any or had very little CM. July seemed to be particularly dry month but was the month I conceived, so I don't think it can make a huge difference. I was also charting my temp and checking my CP.
The only thing we did differently last month to others was we BD earlier than normal!! :D
Thanks so much for all the replies - it's reassuring to hear that others have has similar experiences. I'll keep you all posted and am still desperately hoping for my BFP!! :D
Wil have everything crossed for you Hannan!

Lotsa baby dust being sent your way!

*~o*~o*~o*~o*~o*BABY DUST*~o*~o*~o*~o*~o*

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