Clearblue Fertility Monitor - still asking for tests ?

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by Melanie3103, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Can I ask... this is the first cycle I'm using the monitor - it's still asking for testing sticks every morning ? I am DPO3/CD20.

    CD8-CD15 - HIGH
    CD16-CD17 - PEAK
    CD18 - HIGH
    CD19 - LOW
    CD20 - LOW (today, DPO3)

    Ovufriend has detected ovulation on CD17 - due to temp changes, a positive OPK etc.

    I don't want to continue testing to get LOW every day til AF comes.. I know it's my first cycle using the monitor, but is this usual ?

    I know I CAN stop after my first PEAK to save money on test sticks, but as it was my first cycle trying to use the monitor, I was keen to make sure it had all the information it needed, but I assumed once it dropped to LOW on CD19 that it wouldn't ask me for test sticks in the AM when I turned the monitor on ?

    But then this morning CD20, it asked for a test stick, and it was LOW again. Thoughts ??


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