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Hiya i have thought about it a few times!!
I did a playworker course last year and still havent used it lol!
I would love to do it but got my hands pretty full at the min!
Its an option to think about tho!! :)
My sister in-law does it... you have to have a certain size house and it has to be completely baby safe etc... but she loves doing it!
You should contact the people that assess potential childminders and ask them to send you all the information. I am not sure which department deals with it, but a few quick Googles and phonecalls will get you what you are looking for. I'd look but its 7am and I need to head to work.
I'd think having a dog would be a problem yes. Its a big health & Safety issue. Its only my opinion though, I know nada about it to be honest! Personally I wouldn't leave Isaac with a childminder who had a dog in the house.

Lou :)
jayla's mummy said:
ive emailed the croydon children services and dey r sendind me info

ta luv

O thats good :) Glad you were able to find them easily and get the info sent out. Good luck with it all :)
My childminder has a dog, it's a black lab. It's soft as anything and both my little ones love it, my childminder was really surprised at how well they both got on with Jake right from the start as obviously a big dog can be quite intimidating to little ones. If she's minding kids with dog phobic parents then he goes into a large cage.

I think there are different types of childminder, I know mine is qualified to do the early years stuff, she's fantastic and does so much with the little ones she looks after. Apart from my mum and sister she is the only person I trust to look after my kids (they each go to her for 4 hours a week so I can have some one to one time for half a day with them). I met a couple childminders turned new parents when I had Ella at a postnatal group and tbh they were so rank I wouldn't have let them look after my rabbit!

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