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May 19, 2005
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I have my finaly assignment to do before Wednesday.

I have no idea where to start?! im crap at things like this, give me questions/test papers anyday, i can do them, but to sit down and write an assignment on Child Protection is beyond me! and to make matters worse, its got to be 700 words :(

I have to write about the things i will put in to practice while childminding that fall under child protection. besides keeping a log of accidents im stumped :(
Hi Layla,

Don't envy you! I wish I could help but know nothing about child protection and the laws etc, have you tried looking on the web for some inspiration? When I was at college I always found starting a problem but once I did I couldn't stop then had a hard job trying to keep it to the amount of words they wanted!!

Good luck with it, i'm sure you'll be fine.

Nicki.x :D
Blimey Layla, I agree with Nicki, I don't envy you either. I'm the same, hard to get started, but once I do, there's no stopping me!

Can you take them out in your car? If so, you've got all that safety stuff, car seats, seatbelts, etc. If you are walking, reigns for the little ones... You've got all the stuff that can happen if you take them to the park, ensuring you have a full first aid kit for starters!! These days there is all the stuff about kids allergies, so making sure you don't give them stuff with nuts in should maybe fall under this?? Even making sure that you are protecting them by not letting them watch unsuitable things on tv, surely that counts as well??

Although this won't help you much, I do find it reassuring that you have to go through all this to be a childminder. When my daughter was 2, her nursery closed and I had 3 months on the waiting list of another, so she went to a childminder. On the first day she was pushing a dolls shopping trolley down the garden path and the wheel hit a paving slab that was slightly raised. Over the top of the trolley she went, and 10 minutes later I arrived to pick her up to find blood still running down her face and she was still screaming!! :x And the bloody childminder was doing her ironing in the kitchen!!!!! Needless to say, she went to my mums from then until I could find a better childminder.
well i think i have done it, it was hard getting start but like you said, once i got in to it i rambled on for ages lol.

the child protection we are doing is not so much on car safety etc, its more on child abuse and protecting yourself and your family againest any claims made. also its about recogniseing teh signs of all diffrent abuse and knowing what to do and what action to take etc.

its bloody hard! coz some cases can be really inocent but as a childminder you have to report and log them.

i will find out on wednesday wether i rambled off a load of total crap or not lol

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