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changing bag ?

Gem & Leland

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Nov 7, 2006
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ok , so ive just got my pram (pliko p3 ) and it came with a changing bag , but it seems so small ?!!

what exactly do you need in a changing room ? what extras do u put in it ?

how big do ya think / does it needs to be ?

honestly this one looks really small !?!!
I have a tiny changing bag but then I don't have to carry formula or bottles. Mine has in a portable changing mat, a small pack of wipes, a spare vest to change into in case of poo disaster... 3 or 4 nappies and a handful of nappy bags. It has little side pockets too which I put dummies in.
this hasnt got many hidy hole for dummies ! its got a zip pocket in side and pouch type things , i suppose if i am able to breast feed it should be ok , if i need to cart lots of of bottles etc about i dont thinkit will be big enough !

but i know what im like , the bigger the bag , the more ill put in it , maybe im best having a small one :rotfl:
ive got quite a big bag coz im doing re-usables.. so i have to have room to carry dirtys home to...

i also have the pampers free bag from boots with pampers nappys.. if you sign up to boots parenting club you get sent vouchures for it..
Mines medium size and I only just manage to get two changes of clothes in, bottles, nappies for both my kids! and the bags wipes my crap as well etc :rotfl:

It has lotso of compartments in it as well for baby bits!
We've got:

a pack of wipes
spare nappy
nappy bags / carrier bags
portable changing mat
spare vest/babygro
muslin square

also got talc and cotton wool but haven't had the need to use that at the mo so will take out.
I used a messanger style one last time, and got the same size again for the new baby. A lot of the one's that come with the prams aren't very good IMO.

For James I used to carry around nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, bottles of milk, bibs, dummies and a spare set of clothes...and when he was older jars of food and spoons too. I like to be prepared :lol:

This is the one I've got for the new baby

http://www.caboodlebags.co.uk/index.php ... ucts_id=17
this is the one that came with it ,


so ya recon its not big enough ? or should i carry somethign sperate in the car for those just in case moments :rotfl:
Remember before you go overboard that you need a tonne of other stuff with a baby when you go out!! The pram...the blankets...snowsuit etc..
It doesn't look too bad size wise, I think having lots of pockets inside helps cos it means you can find stuff easily in a rush.
How much you need to take depends on where you're going and how long you're gonna be out for
so longer trips / out days , throw a carrier bag of stuff in the car then :rotfl:

maybe once ive got some more stuff , ill have a practise of what to put in it and see how it goes , its just not very 'wide' and ill deffo have issues if i need to take bottles etc out !

so mainly

spare clothes
cream ?
dummies / toys

wish it had more compartments in it
we have the bag from argos. it has loads of pockets.
i have a changing mat
spare clothes
cotton wool
babys red book
muslin cloth

I just brought quite a big one today... tbh... I remember the changing bag became a dumping ground for everything... and eventually became my hand bag as well because I would just stick everything in there instead of carrying two bags everywhere... Dunno if anyone else did this... but if you are like me and seem to horde things in your handbag and need an ever increasing sized handbag without a baby in tow... then a large changing bag was extremely useful... :rotfl:
i hate handbags , i have some now as getting more use to them but would rather go out with pockets bulging lmao
G3M said:
i hate handbags , i have some now as getting more use to them but would rather go out with pockets bulging lmao

I have misshapen hips tbh... ie really large hips but a very narrow waist... means that I have to wear skirts or dresses most of the time because trousers just look ridiculous on me as I need to buy two sizes bigger to get it to fit over my hips and do up, but then I have a huge gappy waist. :roll: unfortunately most skirts and dresses don't have pockets.... and the ones that do have those pointless shallow pockets ... you know the ones where stuff falls out of if you breath on them... :rotfl: So I have a selection of bags where I can just chuck all my crap in them without thinking... :rotfl:
think the best idea is to...pack the bag up when you get stuff.. few nappies.. prob no more than 3..(rmember tesco give free nappys to change and so do otehr supermarkets) i never took change of clothes with me...but charl wasnt a sicky baby.. wipes bottles ect.. and see if it all fits in the bag..perhaps you could pack a spare bag in the car to keep in the car incase of emergencys? pack of nappies bib. clothes, carton of milk? etc etc...

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