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Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by M1chelle, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    I'm not sure I'm getting on with this monitor. I'm getting loads of highs but it hasn't yet shown a peak. I'm on my second month of using it so it may still be getting used to me.. Last month I'm pretty sure the highs it picked up were the second estrogen rise as it was so late in my cycle.

    I've tried to have a look online at images of how to read the sticks manually and they say that the thick line on the right gets lighter at estrogen rises and then the line on the left gets darker as you approach your surge. So going by this I would say this would say I ovulated around the time I first started getting highs - cd 15/16/17. The estrogen line is certainly getting darker again now but I'm still getting highs. Does anyone know how to read these properly?

    I don't know whether to keep throwing money into this thing. That's sixty quid so far on sticks that I just pee on!! Would I just be better off doing opk? This was supposed to make it all easier but it's just confusing me more :-(



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