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c section advice needed


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Feb 4, 2005
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I ended up having a c section with jacob as i went over 2 and with all the drugs they could give me i only dilated 1cm... so 2 days later i ended up on the table! is it true that i can ask for a section 2nd time around? My reason is that i really don't think i could ever go through what i went through last time. I know every labour is different but with all the help/drugs etc my body refused to get past 1cm... also isn't there a chance you could split your old wound? If i can request a section 2nd time around will it be planned in at week 39? (just for future reference)

h x
yeah u can go elective from 38weeks at my local hosp i think, iv already thought of it lol :lol:

i think the doc will try to persaude u to have a vbac tho? :think: as for the tearin the old wound i think theres girls on here who have had vbacs so they might add some advice too :)
it depends, my consultant has told me he rather i have a section as baby was too big for pelvis, i also had every drug going and only got to 5cm alana just cudnt get any further down to put more pressure on cervix.

im going in at 39 weeks for my section
Yes it won't be a problem, particularly if you had a traumatic birth.

I admire those with the courage to try a VBAC, but its not for me, I wouldn't take the risk.
what is a vbac - am i tstupid? sorry! :oops: i've never heard of this in my life...

h x
vaginal birth after caersarean. :wink:

interesting thread not sure if i would want to go through another c section unless i had to, took me ages to recover and i din't have a positive experience.
I had a terrible experience when i was induced. They started me off Friday and let me go till Sunday before they did a section when it was obvious i was not going to be able to deliver... i only got to 1 cm after all that time and they started me off with 1/2 cm by forcing my waters which was awful when i wasn't even dilated any...

I didn't want a section but knew it was the only option and begged them to do it sat night but they wanted me to wait at least another 12 hours then...

After the section i recovered amazingly quick (at last something went well) I was driving 7 days after it even though they advice not too. I spoke to midwife and felt fine. My wound is brilliant. I'd go for another rather than opt for a VBAC...

h x
I had a VBAC with Jordan and I was fine......well except for the piles and stitches :shock:

I am tempted though to ask for a section with my next one because I prefered a section.
skairdykat said:
I had a VBAC with Jordan and I was fine......well except for the piles and stitches :shock:

I am tempted though to ask for a section with my next one because I prefered a section.

:shock: PILES???
Did they just come during labour?

I've just been talked into a VBAC but I could change my mind. No1 said any thing about piles :shock:
had the worse experience with section, i didnt heal for 8 months, my wound ruptured and a few infections.

but i'd rather have another then risk a VBAC, and i suffered piles too :wall: dreading getting them again

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