depends of you go self catering or included - included costs quite a bit extra - but i should think its better then worrying about self catering which is what we did and it wasnt that enjoyable.

Dont rely on Butlins fully for entertainment as i found it a bit rubbish myself - me and my dh used it as a base and went out to all the sites on the outside.
I went to minehead last time, when i was much younger i went to Bognor Regis and thought it wad excellent - id go to that one. I think maybe minehead was a poop site.
We have been to Minehead and prsonally i think it is excellent (but thats my opionion) if you can go half board its better as you havent got to worry about food costs so you might as well spend that money on it all being done for you, there is lots to do on site but there are extra costs which can be exensve but some stuff is free. i say go and enjiy yourself
my friend prefers bogner over Skeg but Skeg is pretty nice, my DS would choose skeggy butlins over disney world everytime :lol:

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