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Apr 16, 2007
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is it common for women not to produce breastmilk? I had my baby 8 days ago and all i get is a few drops from my breast I've had to put her on formula as she's still hungry with my milk?

I'm worried now.......
It's extremely uncommon for milk not to come in, only a tiny tiny percentage. Did you have a traumatic birth experience and lose a lot of blood? That can contribute towards low milk supply, as well as a retained placenta.
What has your MW said? Have you contacted a breastfeeding counsellor?

Sorry that you've had such a rough time with the breastfeeding :( :hug:
This is uncommon - as Kina said, it is more commonly linked to a traumatic birth or a post partum haemorraghe (sp?) or even a c-section can affect your milk coming in.

Please please put the baby on the breast as MUCH as possible, even if its feeling like its 24/7 - this is the only thing that will stimulate milk production. If you do want to breastfeed, I'd be really really wary of using formula this early as this won't help your milk to come in (as the baby won't be at the breast as often).

Please also read some of the advice in this post and this post as some of the info and support may really help you. I do think you need a professional to help you though - the info on how to contact La Leche League and NCT breastfeeding helpline is in the second link above.

Good luck honey - please keep posting or PM me for more help.

Valentine Xxx
Also make sure that you are eating and drinking enough. The recommended fluid intake is 3-4litres per day while breastfeeding. I also read somewhere that oats are very good for milk production.

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