Breastfeeding, wind but infacol causes constipation


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Mar 18, 2010
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As the title says really

My ten week old baby suffers with bad wind, so started giving him infacol, but now he seems constipated, hasn't 'gone' in two days. Seems its a common problem with infacol. How can I relieve his constipation other than stopping infacol and and wind tips other than gripe water etc???

Thanks in advance
Don't worry, my LO used to poo same time every day, but around your LOs age he stopped being regular. They say babies can sometimes go up to 10 days without pooing so try not to worry, just get ready for an explosion lol

Sometimes a teaspoon of cooled boiled water can help get things moving.

With regards winding I used to try loads of different ways. Holding over shoulder and gently patting or rubbing back in circular motion. Sitting him up straight up on my lap with one hand gently holding tummy and other supporting back and then gently rock him fwds and backwards, then gently pull him up straight and the wind would 'pop' out. Or just plain old circular motions for about 5 mins, if that. If no wind came up within that time generally there wasn't any to get!!
Bf babies can go for awhile without going to the loo hun. Our milk is easy for them to digest and is tailored to our baby so does not create waste like a ff baby. Don't panic unless they are uncomfortable.

At 10 weeks babies don't normally suffer as much with wind as far as I know. Does the infacol help? Is she grizzly with wing? Or screaming in pain?

Only reason I ask is that Georgie had real wind problems leading to her screaming in pain for long periods of time (3pm to 2am sometimes - too long to be colic) and the midwife at bf group advised she may have a food intolerance. I cut out dairy and she was like a different baby.

My lo suffered horribly from constipation and colic and reflux i kept saying to the midwife that he wasnt going for 4-5 days and wud strain in pain alot of the other time they just totally dismissed it i then went on to get colief instead its may be expensive but its worth its weight in gold and if u have a good gp they will put it on prescription for you aswell he wasnt any where near as constipated no more straining and turned into a much happier baby :) hope this helps.
eep sorry just realized ur breast feedin sorry xx
try to eliminate lactose products for a couple of days from your diet and see if this helps maybe.
Devon changed at the same age from runny poos in every nappy , would always shoot up the back of all his clothes and nappies - to all of a sudden nothing for days. I asked the HV if I needed to give him boiled water in a bottle as well as BF and she said no - Breastfed babies can go up to 10 days without pooing!! and it's normal..... He only changed back to reg poos once he hit 4mths and we started weaning with food.

I did give him water anyway tho, felt mean!
Warm bath, Cooled boiled water, try laying em across your thighs on their tummy for a bit and rub their back, that really helped lanna when she was uncomfy. Gripe water worked for her.. but only cause it make her puke everything up!!!

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