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Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by Sitech, May 22, 2006.

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    As Urchin and Lucy said the first weeks are the toughest and you do feel that you are constantly feeding. I wanted my OH to feed Seren as I thought he would not be able to bond otherwise but that is not true. It was agreed that I would do the feeding whilst OH got me drinks, food, tidied up etc, then when she needed bathing or changing he would help out there. Now his time is bath time. Seren loves it when her daddy gives her a bath and always splashes and laughs more for him then me. He feels completely bonded with her and he has his own little role which he is good at. During the day he or MIL would take Seren for a walk which gave me an hour to myself which was bliss. When I was feeding at night very frequently he would go and make me a cup of tea or would change her etc. If you can feed in bed I would recommend it. I have gotten very good at latching Seren on and falling back asleep, breastfeeding releases prolactin which relaxes you and makes you sleepy so you actually do end up getting more rest as daft as it seems. And after a couple of weeks baby feeds quicker and can last longer between feeds and it is so much easier then. There is a new support thread in the new mums feeding section and if you have any questions there are loads of us who can help and give you support. You won't be on your own xxx
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    Thomas has been breastfed for 3 months and has had a "cold" since the age of 2 weeks old ( still there) so although B/F gives your baby immunization, it does not prevent them to be ill all the time :)

    I think the governement is a lot to blame in this matter. they tell you " Breast is best" and there is a kind of a bully system to make non breastfeeding mums feel bad about themselves but even if you manage to breasfeed ok, which was ok for me, they do not give you any money to stay off work for 6 months. Because i could not possibly express 35 ounces of milk in one or 2 goes in the day, i had to use formula milk. As a full time working mum, there was no other choice. A shame really as I did struggle quite a bit with breastfeeding, not that i had any pains, i was very lucky for this but thomas was constantly on the breast, never statisfied and it was a real strain. when it started to go fine, i had to train him to use formula, which was not easy either, to go to nursery.

    I also do think personnaly that everything they say about being more intelligent, not obese is not true either..... they also say that having babies sleeping on their back are more prone to suffer from ADHD ( Midwives told us that)If you listen to everything people say, you become nuts lol

    So my thing is :

    Do what is best for you and your baby and what happens happens. :)
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    ADHD? a midwife said that omg what aload of Bollox !!! :x I have never heard so much crap in my life.

    Talking about midwifes my stand in one said to me I wasnt allowed to touch fizzy drinks! because it makes the gas worse, well in fact it didnt and its the only thing apart from fruit water that I drink and its fine for me.

    OOOO they really wynd me up.

    I totaly agree with futuremum tho about the goverment and how much pressure women are put under funny thing is its men that say it !!! what the f**k do they know !!!

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