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Bit fed up that i have to wait till 14 weeks


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Oct 10, 2007
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Think i mentioned this in my first midwife post, but ive had more time to think and i'm actually upset about having to wait until 14 weeks for my scan when i know most hospitals offer it at 12 weeks.
Did anyone else have to wait that late?

Its just that when i get to 12 weeks i am not moving until 2nd tri until i have seen my bean on the screen and all is well, so you lot have to put up with me for an extra 2 weeks....lol.
:hug: I can imagine how frustrating that must be. Luckily I've got my scan on the 8th January and I'll be 11weeks 4days. I had my first mw appt at 6weeks though and she sent off for a scan date then. My friend had to wait until 14 weeks though and that was with the same hospital I'm going to. To be honest though I think I would relax more after seeing my bean at 14 weeks rather than 11 and half weeks because I'll still be worried something could go wrong at 12 weeks and I might not know until 20weeks.
I got my scan at 10 weeks, but only cos i had some bleeding, first midwife appointment tomorrow (11 weeks and one day), if i hadn't had bleeding i am not sure how long i would have had to wait. We have our Downs Syndrome scren at 12 1/2 weeks but have to pay for that.

14 weeks seems quite late and i would have been a bit peeved to wait that long too.
Can't you ring the hossie and ask if they have any earlier appointments or cancellations?
I still havent seen the midwife :rotfl:
She says as its my third not to worry, she will see me at 10 weeks. God know when I will get my scan. :roll:

You might be able to get a cancellation.
well i was told if they can fit me in earlier then they will send for me before 14 weeks but as its a maternity and womens hospital it will be pretty busy. Thats wh they stick to the general rule of 14 week scans instead of 12.

I'll have to wait for my letter to see what date they do actually give me.
I thnk it all depends on your area, and what you hospital offers.

Mine book you in for 12-14 weeks, it just so happens that mine has been bkd fo rthe 9th jan, which'll make me 13+5 days!!! I have tried to change mine, but they absolutely nothing they can offer me.

Sucks huh?? :(
Yeah i think it will be the same with me, but i am NOT moving outta first try until i have had that scan....lol.

I chose this hospital rather than the hospital my MW works at. Because i have had nothing but problems at that hospital, so i guess because i wanted this hospital i should accept their way of things.

AND apparently my MW reckons that soon it will happen in all nhs hospitals that they will put the scan up to 14 weeks, as they have already done round my area and surounding areas.
I guess on the plus side you'll be able to see even more by then....but I can understand you must be frustrated - you still decided against a private scan? x
Ins ome ways it can be a good thing. By 14 weeks you'll be able to see a lot more than at 12 weeks!
I was 16 weeks for my firs scan with Scarlett, Is worth the wait though you see so much more
That is irritating especially when your in 1st tri those days seem like weeks at times!!!

I hope it goes fast for you, could you not call the hospital directly and ask for an early one??

i lied at booking in appointment and said i didnt know my LMP do i got sent for a dating scan, i would go mad if i had to wait to 14 weeks :hug:
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
On the one hand there is the fact that you'll see a bit more as LO will be a little older :) And you could stay here and go 2nd Tri hehe
Very best wishes :hug: :hug: :hug:
Hi hun, just to let you know that you are not alone, I won't have my 12 weeks dating scan until beginning of Feb so I will be 17 weeks instead.

Hope everything goes well for you hun.

Gabs xx
I'll be just over 13 weeks at my scan :( feels like I've been waiting for it for ages, I'm just glad I have the date now though!
i wont see the M/W until i'm over 12 weeks and then the scan will happen a few weeks after that!

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