Baby Ozzie is here!


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Aug 14, 2016
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Well, I'll keep this brief!

Sweep Thursday morning, sickness bug and severe vertigo Friday resulting in a night's stay as wasnt keeping fluids down, sent home 5pm Saturday having irregular tightenings.

6pm became regular, 11pm becoming unmanageable.

Went to assment unit at 3:30 am, to be told I was ony 2cm, had loads of thinning out to do and thwt baby wasn't coming thst night. I asked if she was sure because I had immense pressure like like before I give birth to DS1. She said yes just waters bulging and told me to come back when I couldn't talk though contractions.

Couldn't believe it as I was literally climbing the walls by now. And with DS1 no one realised I was in active labour untill 8cm and I was induced with him.

Got home at 3:45am, waters went immediately, snapped felt like a rubber band, meconium, went to ring triage but then screamed that he was coming. Ripped pj bottoms off and mum and DH delivered him at 4:09 on the sofa!

The shock! Not even half hour after got home. The first responder got there once his head was out ambulance and paramedics about 10 minutes after he was born and midwives got there about 45 minutes later. He was BBA.

8lbs6oz no tears, stark contrast to bad second degree tears and stitches with first. I did loose over a pint of blood so was given oxytocin to stem it. He needed a few puffs of oxygen because of the meconium and the cord being around his neck when he came out. We went to hospital for 24 hours for him to be monitored and my iron dropped over 20 points, sent home yesterday evening with iron tablets and hes a little jaundiced but apart from that were settling in very well.

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Wow what a crazy story!
I had the same thing happen with my second, the midwife (extremely experienced by the way) thought I was being overly dramatic with the contractions. My waters went at 12 : 00, at 12 : 30 the contractions were getting closer and closer together, she checked me and was at 5cm. At 13 : 00 I couldn't breathe through any contraction anymore, she was taking her time getting ready to go to hospital. I told her the baby was coming and she dismissed me and told me to relax! She eventually checked me and said, oh dear, the baby is coming. I got to the delivery room, gave 2 pushes and there she was! She was born at 13:17! I hate how they make you feel like you don't know your body!

Congrats Mum! And the grandparents as well, to have delivered the baby!x

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