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Lola's Mummy

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Oct 5, 2007
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Some people are so rude :x

I was out today with Lola in Asda's cafe and she wanted feeding so got my boob out and started feeding her (you couldn't really see anything)

There was a couple sat on the table next to us. When the woman realised what I was doing she gave me a dirty look like I was doing something wrong :shock: .
She started whispering to her husband then he turned around looked at me and said to his wife "That's disgusting she shouldn't do that there, she should go and do it in a toilet" :shock:

It made me so mad :x so I started shouting at him and told him I wasn't going to go and feed my daughter in a toilet how would he like it if he had to eat in a toilet if he didn't like it he could move.

Everyone was looking at me :oops: but I didn't care

They got up and left though without finishing their drinks.
good on u for staying put, stupid ignorant people :x :x :x
Some peoples attitudes to breastfeeding in public are just completely out of order :x
Oh my god :shock: how annoying! Would he like to eat his lunch in a toilet?! No didnt think so! Argh, people make me mad!!! :x Good on you for telling them what you thought of them!
This is why I haven't tried breastfeeding in a food place before, I worry what people would say :(

well done :dance:

I think this is the reason so many women dont like to breastfeed cos of a holes like this.. :x
Thanks ladies :D

I'm proud of myself but still really mad about it

leckershell - I wouldn't worry too much this is the first time anything like this has happened to me :hug:
leckershell said:
This is why I haven't tried breastfeeding in a food place before, I worry what people would say :(


I've been breastfeeding for nearly 2 years (apart from a 3.5 month break before DS was born), I've never ever had a comment and I've fed in restaurants, cafes, public transport, walking around tescos and boots, in parks basically anywhere mine have needed feeding. Thankfully attitudes like that are rare.

I think you did really well to stand up to him :clap: I'm glad you gave him what for and in a way I'm almost disappointed noone has said anything to me as I'd LOVE to give them a bollocking :rotfl:
Good on you :cheer:

I think its most Mum's biggest fear about BF in public, luckily I've never encountered such behaviour. I hope they were ashamed of themselves - its so annoying because you can't see anything anyway.

Don't mess with women and their hormones :)
good for you!!!! I'm still too shy to BF in public (other than at my post-natal group)

:clap: :clap: :clap:
good for you....i wouldn't let my son eat in a toilet either.

I sometimes plan what i am going to say to people in my head but fortunaley everyone has been great.

:clap: :clap: glad you stood up for what is right
OMG how fooking ignorant of em eh!!!!!!

Good on ya girl for standing up to em...

On the whole ive only ever had positive remarks to me feeding lik:

"not many young mums feed"

"nice seeing mothers intended being fulfileld"


I have had funny looks..>


thats what i say :twisted:

I am back in the "feeding" rooms now tho..

Bam has taken to revealing all :shock:

Im hoping she'll grow out of it...
urgh! stupid old arse! u said right to him how would he like to eat in a toilet- good for you!

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